Newsletter – July 2012

Welcome to Blitz Lead Management Software’s monthly Newsletter!  We are excited to release new enhancements to the software, as well as provide additional  information to help you get the most out of your account.  At the bottom of this email you will find several resources that are available to help you and your staff succeed.  We also would like to introduce our partner of the month, All Web Leads.  Leads from All Web Leads are able to be dropped directly into Blitz, and assigned and added to your schedule automatically.

Partner of the Month:

All Web Leads is the leading provider of quality auto, home, health, and life insurance leads for agents, brokers, and carriers that are looking to grow their business. Call 1-877-845-8176 or Create an Account to learn more about our current Carrier-Specific and/or New Customer Promotions!

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News & Announcements:

Schedule Enhancement

Administrators now have the ability to modify and delete all appointments on other user’s schedules.

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Email Opt-Out/Unsubscribe Enhancement

Blitz has been enhanced to provide more visibility of email recipients that have opted to not receive future emails.

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Upcoming Training Sessions:

During the month of July, Blitz offers FREE training sessions for Professional Edition users Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:00am EST & 3:00pm EST!

To join a training session call the conference line and click the link below and join as a guest.

Conference Line: 570-381-0281

Pass Code: 25489#


Did you know…

Blitz can automatically re-quote Alliance leads?

If you have First Impressions and Workflow, you can enable your Blitz account to automatically re-quote Alliance leads at any time.  A Workflow can be set up to automatically re-quote prior to an X-date, 3 months after importing the lead, or any time you choose. An automatic follow-up appointment could be enabled as well.
How can this be set up?

What our default Workflows are designed to do?

Workflows can be created from scratch to perform actions any way you would like, or you can build from one of our default Workflows. Whether you have internet leads, manually added leads, or leads from a spreadsheet, Workflows can be configured to work specifically for the needs of your business.
What are the default Workflows?

How to use the Lead Log History Report?

The Lead Log History List report gives you the ability to filter all history notes and pull a detailed list of activity in your Blitz account. You can filter by campaign, author, log type, and date range to make employee and lead tracking simple.
What can this report do for me? 

How to get the most out of Workflow?

In order for Workflow to run correctly, your staff needs to be using Blitz correctly. Simple actions such as keeping statuses and milestones updated and personalizing email templates can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of Workflow.
What can I do to maximize the success of my Workflow? 

How to fix an error when importing a spreadsheet?

The most common errors when importing a spreadsheet are an invalid file type, blank or duplicate column headers, column headers not on the first line, and invalid data.
How do I find the problem and fix my spreadsheet? 

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