Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software‘s Workflow functionality will automate many time consuming processes in your office, but what extra steps could you be taking to get the most out of this feature?  Workflow automatically sends out emails, schedules appointments, increments X-dates, and re-quotes using First Impressions.  These actions take place when certain situations occur within your Blitz account, so using your account correctly is necessary in order for Workflow to do what you really want.

Workflow operates by filtering through leads and triggering specific actions when leads meet certain criteria.  These filters often include a certain status or milestone, therefore the status and milestone of each lead should always be updated appropriately at the time of contact with the lead.  Not keeping statuses and milestones current could result in the lead receiving irrelevant emails.  It wouldn’t make much sense to continue sending emails to a hot lead that begin with “I would be interested in speaking with you about…” would it?  Since statuses and milestones can be completely customized, change them to work for your office and staff and build Blitz’s Workflow around that.  Finally, make sure your staff is aware of how your Workflow is set up, and when they should be using each status and milestone.  Have a staff meeting, or set up a free training session with Blitz support.


Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software Workflow can be completely customized in terms of date range, filters, triggers, and actions.  Take advantage of this powerful custom tool by updating and adding Workflows that can enhance or automate the lead tracking processes in your office.  Include all of the available actions to make sure you are both emailing and calling leads.  Adding automatic appointments to your workflow ensures leads are being contacted because the lead will become neglected if it’s not updated.  Click here to see examples of how you can customize Workflow to simplify lead tracking.

Take the time to personalize the email templates that are being sent to your leads.  Use lead substitutions to automatically insert the lead’s name, the assigned user’s email signature, or any other information into the emails.  This will make the emails seem less automated, reducing your email spam count.  When using the lead substitutions, make sure that the information that you would like to sub into the emails is available in Blitz to avoid unfinished sentences.  For example, if you are using the email signature lead substitution, make sure that all users have created an email signature in My Profile.  Also, updating your emails periodically is necessary to avoid sending out expired information.  Many Blitz users choose to send out an automatic email once a lead has been marked “Sold.”  Use this as an opportunity to send out current deals and promotions to leads by updating templates weekly or monthly.


Check your Workflow history to confirm that there is activity.  If you are not seeing as much activity as you were expecting, you can take action to improve it.  Maybe your staff isn’t updating leads correctly, or maybe your Workflow filters are too specific.  Whatever the issue may be, keeping updated on what the system is doing will ensure you are getting your money’s worth!


Keep in mind that while Blitz’s Workflow can automate some of the tasks in your office, it doesn’t automate your communication with leads.  Make sure your staff is continuing to add history notes and make phone calls, especially with all of the extra time Workflow has provided your office for lead tracking!

For any additional tips and information, or to get started with Workflow, contact us at (419) 841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com. Pricing for Workflows can be found on Blitz’s Features page.