Making great initial connections with your new contacts will help you quickly up your sales success!

By using consistent messaging like that provided by an automated system, you can easily nurture a lead or referral into a full-blown customer relationship.

Making Online Connections

Time is a commodity we are always running out of in US culture, so finding a way to connect with a contact right out of the gate is important.

“To persuade another person to give you her valuable time, you need to offer something of value in return.”

-Tom Hopkins, Making Initial Contact: The Second Step in the Selling Cycle

We want to give our leads a value option whenever possible, and while, yes, offering free stuff sounds great, people are wary nowadays of ‘free’ offers that come with a catch.

In this webinar, our discussion focuses on helping you build a consistent approach to touch your new contacts. We’ll be looking at:

  • Making Consistent Connections
  • Refocusing your Email Content
  • Automating Touches
  • Building a Follow-Up Schedule
  • Leveraging Introductions After Every Sale

We want to make sure you have the right kind of reach-outs at the right times as well as a chance to review your workflows regularly.

“These methods of prospecting should be thoroughly thought about and aimed at the right criteria of clients. Depending on your prospect base, figure out the regularity, intensity, etc, of these prospecting activities.”
-Aki Merced, 5 Healthy Habits of Successful Sales Prospectors

Helpful Links

These are some links to useful pages on our helpdesk. They have more detailed information on generating your own leads based on the main topics covered in this webinar:

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