Whether you’re just learning how to use a CRM system or you’re a seasoned pro, reporting and coaching are so important at every step of your process. Use your reporting tools to gain valuable insight into your business. Actively coach your employees and invest in your most valuable resource. At Blitz, we want to encourage our customers to employ the tools we provide so that their businesses flourish.

Why are Reporting and Coaching tools important?

With Blitz sales software’s reporting and coaching tools, you give your employees the tools to build better relationships with customers. Reporting and coaching tools help you learn the following:

  • What steps you need to take with which customers
  • How well customers are receiving your marketing communication
  • Purchased contacts’ Return on Investment
  • What’s going on with X, Y, or Z groups of leads
  • What your Blitz users are doing
  • What your Blitz Workflow Automation is performing

The Reporting and Coaching webinar below includes a walkthrough of Blitz Sales Software’s reporting capabilities and how they can also assist you in coaching your staff. Our goal is to motivate everyone watching. Your goal is to try a new report or coaching technique that you’ve never run before or haven’t tried to run in a long time.

Helpful Links

Here are some links to pages on our helpdesk with more detailed information about generating your own leads:



If you’re interested in more Blitz webinars, you can find our current run of webinars on the webinars page on our blog. The last subject we covered was all about How to Organize your Sales Pipeline.