Do you know what makes a successful salesperson? Here are the top 5 qualities needed to excel in the insurance industry

Some were born to sell, others grow into it, but at the end of the day, selling is about knowing (and enjoying) the business of serving people. The insurance industry requires specific training, but the basics of what makes a successful salesperson remains vitally important. Knowing what makes a successful salesperson is the first step to becoming one yourself.

If you’re an independent insurance broker, take stock in refining your skills. Focus on completing tasks efficiently and always put the customer’s needs before your own.

You may be a seasoned professional. You may be a young buck going on his own. Either way, it’s never a bad idea to refresh your understanding of what makes a successful salesperson stand out from the crowd.

The top 5 qualities of successful insurance brokers

1. They know how to market themselves (and their business!)

Keeping up to date with current marketing trends and practices is essential to growth. The rise of digital technology has turned insurance brokers into a hybrid of face-to-face and tech-savvy communicators.

The big question: how do successful salespeople convert digital technologies into powerful assets? You already know about social media (of course), but have you considered the full breadth of online tools to market effectively?

Here’s what makes a successful salesperson stick out:

  • A unique, well-thought-out brand logo and message
  • SEO-optimized blog content, regularly published with valuable information
  • Responsive website design for all devices
  • Customer testimonials promoted on their website
  • Brand alignment across all social media platforms
  • Social media engagement on a steady basis
  • Video content to attract viewers and establish expertise

2. They take time to understand individual needs 

Salespeople are communication experts. They have the ability to think on their feet and engage on a personal level.

But the successful salesman exceeds past the level of being a “people person.” He takes extra care to listen to and understand the prospect’s needs, concerns, desires, and circumstances. He makes the prospect feel reassured and confident in making a decision.

Here are a few methods you can use:

  • Ask the right questions: get your prospect to reveal his pain points by asking open-ended questions.
  • Identify pain points: align an offer that best solves the current problem the prospect is experiencing. Focus on the benefits of the purchase, not the price.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale: the only way you can close a deal is by asking for it. Guide the customer through the process and then ask for their business!

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3. They invest in education and expansion of services

Salespeople are lifelong learners. There are always more strategies to implement, data to analyze, and tools to use. They also seek out more ways to serve customers with new products and services. The ability to change and adapt to new methods is what makes a successful salesperson.

  • Offer a selection of products: analyze the needs of your audience. What products or services can you offer to fulfill those needs?
  • Attend events and conferences: keep a regular schedule of events throughout the year. Network with industry professionals and learn their strategies.
  • Find a mentor: if you admire the strategies of another salesperson, ask him to mentor you. You can learn more from his experiences than in classrooms or books.

4. Organization is their lifeblood

Independent insurance brokers take their businesses seriously. They have a set schedule every day; no time is wasted, and no task is left undone. Organization is not a habit for successful salespeople—it’s second nature.

What makes a successful salesperson stand out? He makes the decision to invest in tools that organize tasks for him.

  • Utilize lead generation software: keep your follow ups and lead funnels all in one place. These tools make regular salespeople into sales superstars. Blitz is the perfect CRM for successful sales professionals.
  • Time blocking: every day should be planned, and every task should have a deadline. Know and utilize your most productive hours of the day.
  • Always be punctual: an appointment with a client is not a casual meet up—it’s a chance to show that you’re a professional. Always be on time and prepared.

5. Commitment to service beyond expectations

The success of a salesperson inevitably boils down to one element: customer satisfaction. Understand that your entire business relies on happy customers. Referrals, effective networking, and added policies are direct results of quality service. Seasoned agents understand this responsibility and always put the customer first.

  • Timely responses: let the customer know you are available at all times. When you receive an inquiry, phone call or email, respond promptly.
  • Honesty and integrity: at the end of the day, people are not simply buying products; they’re also buying into you. And they want to deal with a trusted professional.
  • Putting the customer’s needs before your own: give the customer the best policy catered to his specific needs. You may not receive a big paycheck for every deal, but you will create a steady referral base.

Success depends upon your dedication to constantly improving your product offerings, marketing efforts, organizational habits, and customer service. When you’re considering what makes a successful salesperson is the insurance industry, remember that it all boils down to how well you serve and connect with people.

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Do have any suggestions for sales tips? What do you think makes a successful salesperson? Share your thoughts in the comments!