As a salesperson in today’s digital world, what makes you stand out?

There’s a guy who runs a video production company. As the leader of a small team, he’s also responsible for bringing in new business and acting as the “face” of the operation. After only a few years, he’s shaken hands with some of the biggest names in the NFL, and now shoots promotional videos for their teams directly.

He also started a consultancy on the side, specifically teaching small business owners how to become effective salespeople. If you ask him one of his favorite personal branding tips, he’ll say: “Wear a bowtie.”

You might think that’s funny, but it’s no joke.

One thing I didn’t mention about this guy: he rocks the bow tie look every day. He’s been doing it for years and it’s become a staple to his personality. Or what marketing folks would refer to as his “personal brand.”

The bowtie makes him stand out–it catches interest, starts conversation, but, most importantly, makes people remember him.

As a salesperson, you have to think to yourself, “How do I stand out?” If you don’t have a concrete answer to that question yet, it’s okay–most people haven’t figured it out.

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The top 5 personal branding tips for salespeople who want bigger results

The internet gives everyone the tools to create a voice for their businesses, companies, services, and products. Consequently, there’s a lot of static noise out there, and it’s easy to get tuned out.

But what about the individual? How can we, as salespeople, communicate our voices, missions, and skills in a persuasive way? These personal branding tips are the starting point for developing those assets and presenting them to your clients everywhere you go.

1. Establish yourself as an valuable resource in your industry

You want to communicate to your audience that you’re more than just a professional–you’re an expert. What’s the best way to showcase your expertise in your given industry? Develop the right content.

Start brainstorming ways to create a voice that is distinct and personal. How can you communicate to your potential clients that, above everyone else, you have the answers to their questions? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a video series and post them regularly to your company’s website. Think of typical questions that customers ask and answer them before they even meet you in person.
  • If your company has a blog on their website, start posting on it under your byline. Focus on developing useful, professional content for your customers and establish your expertise.
  • Create an “About me” page, whether on your own website or the company’s. Tell a story about who you are and how you can help.

2. Choose a look and stick to it

Personal branding tips are useful outside the digital sphere, too. What makes a person stand out when you see them face-to-face? A bow tie works for this exact reason. Michael Jordan’s earring; Steve Jobs’s jeans and turtleneck; Robert Craft’s pink ties; Steven Tyler’s scarfs. You see where I’m going with this?

What is an accessory or unique style you can utilize to make yourself stand out? Now, a word of caution: don’t go overboard with this idea. Think more along the lines of Robert Craft’s pink ties. You want something subtle, yet distinct. Not a pair of clown shoes and gold teeth.

You want to give the customer a reason to remember you; that’s all.

3. Be consistent over social platforms

This is one of those personal branding tips that combines the two that come before it. Once you establish your channels of communication and expertise, and have picked a particular image to stick by, make sure you consistently deliver those characteristics over your chosen social platforms. Here’s a quick guide to highlight our meaning of consistency:

  • Hire a professional photographer to take head-shots and candid photos of you. Pick the strongest four and use these on your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and “About Me” page.
  • If you’re writing blogs posts, make sure to match up your voice with every social post. If you’re not a great writer, think about ways to at least make your content unique. For example: end each of your posts with “Cheers!” or “To Your Success.”
  • All of the content you develop, video or otherwise, should be shared with your followers.
  • Make a habit of responding to any social interactions within a short window. That includes comments, follows, pokes, likes, favoriting, and sharing.

4. Make a promise and always deliver it

This is one of my favorite personal branding tips. Delivering on a promise is one the most powerful assets a salesperson can have. But remember: make it a promise you can keep. This tip has the potential to ruin your reputation, too, if you don’t follow through.

A good promise for a salesperson would be something like this: “Dedicated to meeting you with a smile and a handshake.” You can spread awareness of your promise across every media platform you’re on. When a client walks in, and you meet them with a smile and a handshake, they’ll take notice. They might be expecting it, or be pleasantly reminded.

Either way, you’re showing them you are a person of integrity.

5. Be yourself–with a little extra care

I’ve noticed that many personal branding specialists give the same advice: be yourself. I’d like to disagree slightly with that statement. Not entirely, but a little.

If you’re a celebrity, sure, be yourself. You can do that because your brand and career revolve around your persona. Good examples of this would be Johnny Depp, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jay Z, etc.

For us regular folks, we need to flip that idea around a little bit. Our careers don’t revolve around our personas; our personas revolve around our careers. Where many salespeople fail is establishing the correct balance. Most people, in every profession, hide their nuances and quirks. They also seem to have less personality than a wooden plank.

So here’s a distilled version: be yourself, but with a little extra care.

Customers want to work with professionals and experts. Take extra care to be genuine, honest, and straight-forward. In other words, be the best version of yourself. Always.

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