Blitz Lead Management Software‘s web form is a versatile tool, and users are able create multiple forms to fit every scenario.  Below are 5 web forms to consider creating today:


1. Website Visitors

Adding a web form to your website is a simple way for your visitors to request more information or express interest, and is a strong call to action.  Even better: set up multiple forms on your website to capture different leads with different interests.  For example, a website might have a different form for each product, or each type of request, such as requesting a white page or signing up for an email list.  These different forms will drop into different campaigns in Blitz, and are able to be assigned to the appropriate user to follow-up or send information.  Click here for instructions on embedding a web form onto your web site.


2. Referrals

Why type in referrals when your customers could do it for you?  Create a web form for customer referrals, and add it to certain email templates or even your email signature.  This way your customers have a simple way to send over a referral, and you can easily track which referred leads were converted.  Click here for instructions on adding a web form to an email template or signature for referrals.



3. Contacts from Events

Events can bring in a lot of leads, but also a lot of work if you’re using paper to document new contacts.  Instead of sticking to your old school methods, try bringing a laptop or tablet to your next event with a Blitz web form saved in your favorites for easy access.  This allows you or the prospect to easily type in information that will automatically be added to Blitz.  If you have a Workflow set up, you could even have an email waiting for the prospect when they return!



4. Telemarketed Leads

Do you have a telemarketer that emails information to your staff, or (gasp) even writes it down on paper?  Save them, and your staff, some time by setting up a simple form for the telemarketer to use.  This will ensure the correct questions are asked, and no information is lost.  Click here for instructions.



5. Data Entry

Do you have a stack of paper files, or other leads to manually add to Blitz?  If you have an assistant or employee that handles data entry and other administrative tasks, set up a web form for them to easily add leads to Blitz without even logging in.