Is your SaaS lead generation leaving you behind the competition? It’s time to revamp your efforts and implement these 10 ridiculously good ideas

SaaS companies are popping up all over the board these days. The reasons are obvious: computers are the lifeblood of every thriving business in today’s world. Even the most niche markets have a need for inter-office software.

But how do you set yourself apart from other companies who offer SaaS? Lead generation can be tough in a saturated industry.

If your target market is becoming crowded with competitors, it’s time to pump up your marketing efforts.

10 proven tips for SaaS lead generation and market penetration

1. Transform your blog into a lead generation machine 

Your business blog is a powerful SEO tool. You can target keywords within your blog content and drive traffic at a low cost. Each post effectively becomes a landing page for your website, where your can link back to your product and landing pages.

On top of that, a blog also allows you to speak directly to customers about topics they find useful. If you produce and publish on a consistent basis, targeting keywords with modern SEO tactics, your blog will become a high-performing SaaS lead generation tool.

2. Target specific audiences with PPC advertising 

When it comes internet marketing, PPC is king. As another form of SEO, your ads are placed alongside specific keywords your target audience searches for online. Google ads, of course, is popular for in-depth PPC campaigns. But you can also advertise on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

More than anything, PPC ads have the ability to drive in substantial amounts of lead traffic. How you manage that traffic, and how qualified that traffic is, depends on you. Sometimes it’s better to hire a professional to advertise on these sites for you.

3. Vitalize the onboarding process with email drip campaigns 

Generating leads is only the first step. There is a process they pass through before making a purchase decision. Engaging leads at critical points in that process is called “lead nurturing” or “lead qualifying.” Your SaaS lead generation system should qualify each lead, nurture them, and finally turn them into new customers.

Email drip campaigns are proven to nurture leads. These automated messages are sent out on a regular schedule to engage leads with new content, promotions, and special offers.

Once you set the campaign in place, you don’t have to worry about manually sending emails. It saves time and works on its own to nurture leads.

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4. Create free e-books to educate your audience with valuable info 

Implementing a “freemium” into your sales funnel is a great way to build a qualified lead base. Put together a short e-book or white paper with information your potential customers will find useful. These offers are usually call-to-action buttons on blog posts and web pages.

  • Put together an e-book that offers information your target audience will find useful.
  • Offer it as a downloadable PDF in exchange for an email address and additional info.
  • Add that email into your drip campaign, offering more valuable content over time.
  • Watch how your leads behave. Do they open your emails? Adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Close them with an incentive offer.

5. Ask the blogging influencers to review your product 

Influencer marketing is getting big for SaaS companies. Why? Because consumers trust the opinions of bloggers about products related to their industry. Bloggers will give your software an unbiased review, and you may be able to advertise on their websites. If you get in with an influencer, you can start a referral program with them too.

6. Revamp your call-to-action 

Make sure your “conversion architecture” is up to par. Your website should have an easy and clear call-to-action on every page. If your CTAs do not bring in enough conversion, don’t be afraid to change them up. Even changing the colors of your CTA buttons can have a drastic effect on how many clicks it receives.

  • Offer a free trial for your SaaS tool.
  • Offer full access to the software for a short period.
  • Have a “request a quote” CTA offered throughout the website.
  • Draw attention to your CTA with smart placement and color contrast.

7. Invest time on B2B social platforms 

LinkedIn and referral forums are an excellent way to drum up SaaS lead generation. But you need to focus your attention and engage with people on these platforms every day.

If you’re only a part-time social marketer, you won’t see positive results. Consistently share great content, start conversations, and show your expertise. Then you will catch the eye of potential customers.

8. Team up with companies to offer valuable integrations

If you have a software that complements other products, work with those companies to establish integrations. If you come to an agreement that’s mutually beneficial, these partnerships provide excellent lead sources.

  • You can leverage their platforms for your marketing efforts.
  • Create a referral program with the company to receive qualified leads.
  • Offer product integration to give your customers more value and better experiences.

9. Give customers an easy way to network for you 

One of the critical points in your sales funnel is directly after a customer makes a purchase. Smart marketers use these micro-moments to ask customers to share their experience with others. Usually done through social media, these “I just purchased a new SaaS from X company!” messages are powerful lead generators. You’re getting your customers to network for you.

10. Nurture your leads with CRM software 

Finally, once you begin to pump up your Saas lead generation efforts, you’ll need a tool to manage those relationships for you. Your sales team will work more efficiently with a CRM tool at their disposal.

  • Follow-ups are automated
  • Workflows are streamlined
  • Less time spent manually sending emails
  • Email drip campaigns are easier to manage

Bring your SaaS lead generation to the next level—diversify and find out what works

All of these tips could work for you, but what matters is how you implement. Remember: analyze your SaaS lead generation methods carefully. Work to develop a sales funnel that not only generates leads, but properly nurtures them along the way.

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client-managerKeeping track of leads is an important aspect of every marketing strategy. Want to take your conversions to the next level? Schedule a free demo of our lead management software and turn leads into customers with less work!

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What’s your opinion? Do you have any lead generation tips to add to our list? You know what to do!