Add some of these marketing words that sell to your next negotiation

Have you ever considered the importance of the words you use when working on a sale? Word choice is very important in all industries, but if you’re looking for marketing words that sell, we’ve got some great suggestions for you.

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1. Their Name

Personalize a sale as much as possible. When you use your customer’s name in a presentation, it makes him feel as if you’ve tailored your approach to speak directly to him, and only him. Also, if you notice your client become distracted, using their name in the conversation might draw their attention back to what you’re saying.

2. You

If you use your client’s name in every other sentence, it might overwhelm them. What’s the next best thing? Using inclusive words like “you” to keep your customers attention.

Ask questions such as, “Can you see how this creates a growth opportunity for you and your company?”

3. Opportunity

Nothing is a problem – everything is an opportunity. If you find your client’s suggesting current problems they need a solution for, make sure to specifically state how your services create an opportunity for change. Similarly, if a prospect suggests that they have a concern with part of the sale, turn that into an opportunity instead.

4. Value

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. You need to show the value of your product or service to your customers. Mentioning features or benefits is great, but proving value will allow them to see how the product would make a difference in their life. Your competitors have similar features and benefits. Be the brand to show them a product or service’s value.

5. New

People like new products. They like to be the first to experience or try out something, especially if they have the opportunity to do so before anyone else. Contact your current customers and leads if you have a new or improved product coming out in the near future. Ask them if they want to be one of the first customers to try it. Even if they weren’t planning on making a purchase, they might jump at the chance.

6. And

Instead of using the word “but” try using “and” instead to get your point across. But shows an objection. If a client came to purchase an insurance policy for their house, and not one for their boat or car, which statement do you think they’d relate better to:

“I know you were only looking for home insurance, but I think you should consider boat and auto insurance as well.”


“I know you were looking for home insurance, but you’ll save even more money if you bundle your auto and boat insurance into the package.”

Chances are, they’ll respond better to the second option.

7. Imagine

Everyone loves a story, and many sales are closed because of good storytelling techniques. Use the value of your product to force customers to imagine how it can make their lives easier or why it’s an ideal decision for them to make.

8. Now

Create a sense of urgency during your sales pitch. By using words like “now,” you’re letting your customers know there is a limited time that this offer is currently available. When customers feel they’re getting a good, fair deal, and that the situation is urgent, they’ll likely sign on the dotted line.

9. Best Seller

When suggesting one of your products is a best-seller, it automatically reminds your customer that they aren’t the only person or company purchasing this item, and if it is sold so often, other customers must be quite pleased with the product or value.


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(Like how we just used almost all of the nine marketing words that sell right there?)

Do you usually use any of these words in your sales pitch? What other words have you found helpful? Let us know in the comments section.