Leverage Your Book of Business for More Rich Sales

Did you know that acquiring new customers for your business can be 6 to 7 times more expensive than retaining current customers? Many insurance agencies spend boatloads of money in an effort to gain new clients. However, they sometimes neglect their current clients. Consequently, your current clients leave! This means you have to shell out money to gain new clients or hope to win them back. That’s why you should consider ways to leverage your book of business into more rich sales.

Nurture the Relationship While Saving Time

From the day your prospect turns into a customer, you need to be nurturing that relationship. That means consistent ‘touching’ of the customer to strengthen the relationship. You should offer annual reviews. Also, be sure to send a series of well-timed emails and calls leading up to that review. To make this process much easier, successful agents target their book of business. They use sales automation to save loads of time and do things like:

  1. Send out automated marketing emails of any upcoming promotions such as rewards for referrals. Also, send drip emails stating the value of financial products like flood insurance if, for example, customers already have a homeowner’s policy. Be sure to include any relevant statistics to drive home your message and a call to action so that they contact you.
  2. Have automated appointments populate on your schedule when a policy is nearing a contract x-date or when you decide it’s necessary. Reach out to that client, schedule a financial review of his or her coverage and let the cross-sell magic begin!
  3. Tag customers. Leverage more rich sales opportunities by ‘tagging.’ This can save you time from digging through papers to see, for example, who already has a monoline with you. If you’ve tagged all those who are ‘monoline-auto’, you can easily make the effort to cross-sell on another line of insurance like home or life. Easy and intelligent features like these will allow you to capitalize on rich sales opportunities.

Start a Blog or Newsletter

The power of the pen can have a profound effect on sharing the value of a financial product that you offer. For example, many people are skeptical or may have never considered life insurance. Use your knowledge and expertise to write a weekly blog or monthly newsletter that describes the value of having life insurance. This gets the idea in the customers’ head, causing them to stop and think; “Hey, maybe I should discuss this further with my agent.” You can even use the article as a tool to leverage during a financial review.

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Give Out a Free E-Book or Booklet and Leverage it During Reviews

Give your customers a free e-book or physical booklet authored by yourself that outlines your business and the products you offer. This builds trust from the get-go and allows them to keep track of all the financial products they have with you. You can even leverage this documentation into reviews with clients from your book of business. That way, when they come into your office for a review, you have a nice booklet that checks off the products they already have and leaves room to discuss the products outlined in the booklet that they don’t have. This allows for a smooth, consultative sales conversation!

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Use these ideas to leverage your book of business into more rich sales today! Click here and schedule a free demo with a Blitz Sales Software expert now!