Using Blitz Applicant Tracking Software as opposed to paper applications and files can save a huge amount of time narrowing down candidates.  Instead of taking hours reading every application, Blitz users are able to easily filter applicants’ information and qualifications to find a smaller list that meets the custom criteria they are looking for.

Blitz Applicant Tracking Software has 20 available custom fields in each campaign, allowing users to set up specific qualifications necessary for each job listing.  This is often used for critical things such as required certifications or availability.  Each campaign can have different custom fields, so each position can have different desired qualifications set up.  When a job listing is open, users can filter by each custom field to retrieve a list of the top qualified candidates.  The list can then be sorted by any criteria to prioritize the top candidates listed.

Below are instructions on setting up custom fields in Blitz Applicant Tracking Software:

  1. Go to Administration > Manage Campaigns.
  2. Choose a current job listing, or create a new one by clicking Add New Record.  Click the Campaign Settings icon  to the right of the job listing.
  3. Click the Custom Column Headings tab to set up custom fields.  Click Save when finished.
  4. Also within the Campaign Settings box, you can prioritize qualifications (Default Columns tab) create a web form to recruit new applicants (Web Form tab)

After narrowing down the search, users can mark the top candidates a specific status or milestone to be able to easily pinpoint them later in the process.  An email blast can be sent out to the candidates moving on, or an automatic Workflow can be set up to notify applicants or staff members who are part of the next step in the process.  For example, assessments or other forms could be sent to the applicants to complete before continuing, or their information could be passed to Human Resources to be processed.  These automated processes can be set up to happen at each stage in the hiring process within Blitz Applicant Tracking Software.

For more information, contact Blitz Applicant Tracking Software support at (419)841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com.  New to Blitz?  Try for 30 days free!