Five design tips for recruiting business cards that entice potential employees.

With an average of over 5.8 million job openings in the U.S. on a monthly basis, competition for good talent is high. Online job recruitment is the standard way to throw the net wide, but nothing beats a face-to-face exchange. Be prepared with effective recruiting business cards that will help you reel in the best talent.

A business card is a little tool with big potential. To ensure your card isn’t tossed aside, make it memorable, and make it compelling.

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To attract stellar employees, your recruiting business cards must be stellar, too

An ordinary business card is purely informational. An extraordinary business card is memorable and suggests a candidate’s work experience with your company will be the perfect fit. Use these five approaches to developing recruiting business cards that make a lasting impression with possible candidates:

Appeal to aspirations

Every job is an opportunity to better yourself, to be valued, and to excel. There are many ways to convey this with your recruiting business card. Take advantage of the back side of your business cards to put motivational quotes, a mission statement, or even better – a positive testimonial from an employee. You can create cards with a common front and several choices of content for the back, thereby customizing it for young recruits, executive recruits, or manufacturing talent.

Make them multidimensional

Tactile or multidimensional recruiting business cards are less likely to be discarded. Those with folds, cutouts, or attachments require interaction from the recipient. A recruiting business card in a tiny envelope, for instance, gives you yet another surface to utilize. The envelope conveys an “invitation to apply.” A card that unfolds and has several surfaces represents a career unfolding. The few extra seconds it takes for someone to open or interact with your card is that much more time your brand and company are present in their minds.

Create a win-win

Potential employees are most likely to remember you if they think you’ll remember them. Consider a two-part recruiting business card with a perforation. Maybe it rips apart like a movie or raffle ticket. Your information goes with the candidate and they fill in their information on your half to go with you. This way, you get a lead’s contact information in exchange for your business card. Bonus points: have them list three traits or skills that best define them. Keep these for hiring managers to consider if the candidate applies.

Go high-tech

Might your recruiting business cards be a flash drive with your company name and contact info printed on it? The drive could contain materials about your organization, short videos about why someone should work at your company, and a digital application form. Once the digital information is accessed, the potential employee can keep the drive and use it for their own purposes.

If cost is an issue, print a QR code on your current cards to will bring candidates to your LinkedIn page or website.

Get into shape

Uniquely-shaped recruiting business cards convey your organization is unique. For instance, if you have a company where everybody fits in, you could have a round, triangular, and square hole punched in your card with the message, “we welcome pegs of all shapes.” Or, your recruiting business card could be shaped like two hands shaking to represent partnership. Another option is to shape it like a fortune cookie to represent possibilities and their future with your business. Even better if there is a fortune in it! How about a speech bubble with employee testimonials on it? There are endless possibilities!

Take advantage of face-to-face interactions with recruiting business cards that work for you

Recruiting business cards help your business stand out from another recruiters. Make the most of this small, effective tool. Ensure your potential candidate walks away with a good impression and your card in hand.

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What examples of effective business cards have you seen? Let us know your favorites in the comments.