Don’t fuss over the first stages of recruitment—CRM systems narrow the sea of applicants into smaller pools and delegate tasks instantly

Recruitment for a new position is a lot of work, and you need to use the right tools to help yourself out. A recruitment CRM offers easy ways for applicants to enter the pipeline system and serves as a liaison to your HR department.

Look for a recruitment CRM that does it all: applicant tracking, lead generation, sales reporting, and more. Why buy separate programs when you can have it all in one place?

Strategize: Recruitment CRM features make your hiring process less of a headache

Once you post a job opening, it’s only a matter of time before the flood gates open. The applications begin to pile up, and soon you’re drowning in a sea of resumes and cover letters. Don’t kid yourself—finding the right candidate for a position is tough work.

Automation software changes the game, however. Blitz breaks down the sea into manageable pools, puddles, and finally, one droplet. First thing first, you need a recruitment CRM on your side. Next, you can customize a set workflow to sort, analyze, and respond to the best candidates.

Step #1: Make every applicant fill out a web form so it’s easy to load them into the CRM system

Web forms are your digital magic wands. They make it easy to capture all the information you need from each candidate. Once he submits the web form and resume, all of his information is entered into the pipeline automatically.

The web forms are customizable to your needs. Each field you create can later be filtered (more on this below) into different groups so you can sift through the piles and cut out the ones that aren’t qualified.

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Step #2: Add notification details to your campaign to keep the workflow running smoothly

Whenever it comes to dealing with applicants, it’s always the small things that steal the most time. That’s why automation is so wonderful for business owners. You don’t have to follow-through and keep watch over every last detail. There is less to forget, and more to time to spend on important tasks.

Once you create a campaign (in this case for the new job opening), you can customize what type of message to automate. For instance, if you want to quickly follow up with the applicant after they’ve submitted, you can schedule an email of confirmation.

The same goes for assigning applications to your human resources staff. Send notifications once a new candidate enters the system.

Step #3: Upload additional documents into profiles and filter the sea into smaller pools

If you collect all the crucial information you need in a web form, you have the power to filter out the applicants that don’t meet that first line of criteria. This saves an incredible amount of time and energy. You can start to narrow down the submissions right away.

Of course, there will be resumes and cover letters to consider. Uploading these documents into each profile is painless. Now you can really start to take a look at the applicant pool in-depth and choose which ones look promising.

Step #4: Send out an email blast to your final choices

You’ve nailed down the cream of the crop; now it’s time to follow-up and set the interviews. Once again, automation is here to save the day. Schedule an email blast to each of the candidates at once.

It’s easier to set an appointment time and keep a stable workflow if you just send each person an identical message with next steps. You don’t have to sweat over writing individual emails at this stage of your recruitment. CRM systems have the features to automate tasks like these and save time.

Want spend less time fussing over the first stages of recruitment? CRM systems have your back

Just accept it: digital tools make life easier. As a business owner, you don’t want to spend time fussing over little details and wasting energy. Automate your recruitment workflow instead. Spend your time focusing on the applicant pool that matters. Don’t go fishing in a sea of under-qualified resumes; narrow down the pools instantly!

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client-managerWant to take your recruitment to the next level? Schedule a free demo of our lead management software and turn leads into customers with less work!

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What’s your process for recruiting new employees with efficiency? Share your thoughts in the comments section!