Want to close more deals? Don’t waste time with manual follow-ups. Let CRM for small business mastery increase your sales with less work!

If you’re looking to automate your efforts, choose a CRM for small business owners. You’ll save valuable time, increase organization, and make sales an easier process.

Small businesses and sole proprietors depend on quality service to be successful. No matter a company’s size, customer relationships always come first.

Mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and finance advisors all have room to improve productivity.  What do you need help with? Regardless of the industry, most people are looking to:

  • Automate follow-ups with leads
  • Create a sales pipeline
  • Customize your workflow
  • Access your CRM tools 24/7/365

There are numerous features available for CRM software, but for a small business owner, there are specifics you should look for.

CRM for small business owners: top 5 features to change your business

1. Email drip campaigns 

Emails are time-consuming. Little by little, they eat up valuable hours of the day. With a CRM, you can set up drip campaigns. These automated emails work for a variety of follow-up purposes. Most importantly, is the ability to automate messages for incoming leads.

The email drip you create will establish a “sales funnel” to nurture leads without excessive labor. The messages are sent out automatically, making your follow-up fast and effective.

How email drip campaigns help your business grow:

  • Automatic email responses for new prospects
  • Lead nurturing without excessive manual labor
  • Each campaign can target specific audiences (leads, referrals, clients, etc.).

2. Customizable workflows

No business is exactly alike. A CRM for small business needs flexibility and custom features. The software can mold into your current workflow strategies. Do you have a sales pipeline already set up and working well? Your software will fit into that pipeline and make it run more efficiently.

  • Input milestones where each prospect is located in your pipeline.
  • Create task reminders, pipeline notes, and sales statuses.
  • Filter prospects into groups, make reports, and engage strategically.

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client-managerWant to continually engage customers at every point of the sale? That’s our specialty. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll show you how to turn leads into customers with less work!

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3. Sales and performance reporting 

Sales reporting is a unique gift for small business owners. An easily digestible report provides a visual picture of your current sales performance. It also provides insight into your efforts. For instance, you can see where your marketing efforts have the most effect on leads and clients. How many leads are converting into customers? Where do they stop engaging within your sales funnel?

  • See what lead sources bring in the most business.
  • Measure your sales performance week to week and month to month.
  • Identify where leads are “getting stuck” or lost within the sales pipeline.

4. Mobile access 

Mobile technology is a central part of our lives. Business owners live and breathe through their smartphones. You need the ability to access your CRM from anywhere, at any time. Say, for instance, you meet a prospect at an event and collect her business card. You can load her into the software from your phone and begin the nurturing process right away.

  • Accessible from every type of device (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).
  • Usable from any phone (iPhone, Android, Galaxy, etc.)
  • Ability to manage your customer relationship “on the go.”

5. Intuitive task reminders

A CRM for small business owners should make client management easier. The best CRM’s have intuitive designs that provide reminders to complete tasks. Some are set up manually, but many are automatically integrated within the system. When you have a client to follow-up with, a call to make, notes to write down, or a meeting to schedule, the CRM is ready to remind you about those tasks.

  • Automatic prompts to record notes and next steps after a task has been completed.
  • Warning reminders for neglected clients, leads or referrals.
  • Updates on incoming leads, sales pipeline statuses, etc.

CRM for small business owners is a top priority for sales growth

Small businesses need to keep track of their customer relationships more than anyone. Bigger companies have managers and employees for customer support. A CRM provides that kind of service for you. Remember: customer relationships are crucial. Give yourself the tools to make your efforts more productive. With less time spent on manual follow-ups, you’ll be free to work on the important tasks at hand.

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client-managerWant to continually engage customers at every point of the sale? That’s our specialty. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll show you how to turn leads into customers with less work!

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We’d like your opinion! What CRM features best fit the needs of small business owners? Have a few to add to our list? Share your thoughts in the comments.