Having a tough time following through with dates, appointments, and other tasks? Use automated reminder emails to stay on track!

As a real estate agent, organization is a lifeline for success. Automated reminder emails do an excellent job of keeping things on track. You can schedule email reminders for daily tasks, important dates and client follow up.

Do you remember the last time you forgot to follow up on a lead? You may have talked with a potential client about the local housing market, where she was looking to buy, and at what prices. She gave you her card, and you were determined to follow up as soon as you got back into the office.

But, life happens and something came up. It was a busy week. You sent the email too late after that first encounter and you never heard back from her.

Don’t let this scenario happen again. Start using automated reminder emails as a way to boost your real estate sales.

How to use automated reminder emails as a real estate agent

  1. More effective handling of follow-up efforts

Forgetting to follow up with a potential customer in a timely fashion can tarnish the relationship. Of course, there is a fine line between waiting too long and sending out correspondence too soon, but automated reminder emails can help you strike the perfect balance.

Once you plan a meeting (whether in person or on the phone), you can schedule an email to your lead with questions she should ruminate on before you speak. Does she know what size house or lot she is looking for? Does she prefer an urban area or rural for her first home? How many bathrooms or bedrooms would she consider in her search? Draft a template of questions you’d like your new prospective buyers to think about and schedule an automated email that won’t simply remind her of the future meeting, but will keep her thinking about working with you in the meantime.

Do you need them to send over mortgage pre-approval paperwork to send with an offer? Schedule an email to send 24 hours after your meeting as a reminder that it’s an important task to get done.

There are many different ways you can use automated reminder emails to follow up with home buyers. Quality CRM software will give you templates for other quick messages relevant to your industry. If you’ve nailed down a process, automated reminder emails will make your life much easier.

  1. Notifying clients of appointments and dates

Have you ever scheduled an appointment in advance only to have your leads cancel at the last minute or forget about the meeting altogether? It happens to everyone.

Reminding yourself to be prepared for meetings is important, but it’s just as important to consider your client’s schedule. One of the best uses for automated reminder emails is to confirm important dates.

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After agreeing on a date and time to view houses, schedule an email to send the client the day before the appointment. Ask for a confirmation reply (a simple yes or no will do), and you’ll know they remembered and are ready for the meeting.

When you set a date weeks in advance, it can be difficult to remember this important follow-up effort. Setting automated reminders will save you time, give you peace of mind, and help you better manage your daily tasks.

  1. Additional reminder precautions

Sometimes scheduling dates on your calendar isn’t enough, and you need an extra reminder to help you jump into action. Have you ever had an appointment reminder pop up on your phone, and you still forgot to follow through?

During a busy week, what kind of notifications do you pay the most attention to? As a real estate agent, it’s likely you never let an email go unread.

Scheduling an automated reminder email for yourself can make a huge difference in productivity. Once you set a date in your calendar, take the next step. Set an email to be sent out a few days before any deadlines you may create.

The message should be simple. Use the following template as a guide:

Subject line: Date Reminder! Read me NOW.

Body: Hello, you have an appointment with Mr. X on Tuesday, July 23, 2016, at 3:00 p.m.

Organize your automated reminder emails all in one place

Since manually setting email reminders feels somewhat redundant and counter-intuitive, why not invest in software that keep all of these organizational processes together? A CRM helps real estate agents structure correspondence with every type of contact: leads, clients, past clients, and referrals. Managing all of these contacts means that you have more things to remember and, even more, a reason to keep your automated email reminders in the queue.

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How do you keep your daily tasks organized as a real estate agent? Do you have a secret for productivity to share? Post your thoughts in the comments!