May 2014

This month:

Blitz announces the Referral Portal

Are you referring or receiving leads from business partners?  Blitz Lead Manager’s new Referral Portal allows users to refer leads from one Blitz account to another and view follow up reports.  This tool is being utilized by a number of different industries: for example, insurance agents that send referral leads to financial specialists, or mortgage companies that send leads to insurance companies.  By streamlining the referral process, businesses are saving time and gaining more visibility on the status of leads they have provided.


Know any college students looking for a scholarship?

Blitz Lead Manager’s new annual scholarship program offers college students the opportunity to earn money towards their college education for the 2015-2016 school year. Applicants will be asked to research and compose an 800 – 1,000 word essay based on one of six provided topics, geared around sales, networking, and hiring. Click below to learn more and apply:

Partner Spotlight:
Blue Oceanhas been the trusted business telephone solution for companies across the US for many years. They are the expert when it comes to installing premium cloud or hosted business phone systems, and most if not all parts of the hosted VoIP phone system reside in the cloud. Blue Ocean and Blitz Lead Manager’s integration allows for leads to automatically pop up on your screen on inbound calls. This makes it simple to assist them quickly and efficiently, creating a professional impression on potential clients.


Did you know?

Blitz allows you to filter leads by any criteria.  Easily find all leads in a particular zip code, insured with a certain carrier, and more.

Blitz’s neglected lead feature prevents leads from falling through the cracks.  Find out how to catch up by clicking below:

Those of you focusing on hiring, using a combination of Blitz and Ideal Traits allows you to easily identify and track top candidates.

You are able to insert images into emails, templates, and email signatures in Blitz.  Easily add your logo, photo, and more!

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Referral Portal

Learn how to easily share and track referral leads with other Blitz users.Tuesday, May 27 at 3:00pm EDT

Thursday, May 29 at 11:00am EDT



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