If you want to be at the top of your game, these real estate podcasts will keep you informed and inspired

Keeping on top of the latest news and business trends in your field is an important part of staying informed and excelling as a top real estate agent! It’s also valuable to gain insights and tips for motivation from other leading agents and investors. While there are a lot of ways to find great examples of what other top producers are doing for inspiration, from real estate shows on tv to conferences, life often gets busy. Real estate podcasts are a fantastic way to fit in some valuable “shop talk” wherever you are, on the go, and hear about business news and trends.

Here are the 10 best real estate podcasts worth subscribing to:

1. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Husband and wife team, Tim and Julie Harris, are renowned success coaches and valued experts in real estate. Their daily dispatches function both as a live radio show and podcast to listen to at any time. Interviews with leading real estate agents and brokers, discussion of latest news and trends and practical approaches to leadership and business have earned them over 100,000 listeners. This impressive real estate podcast is usually around a half hour long, so it’s perfect for your commute or workout session and is available for download and streaming in a whole range of platforms on their site.

2. The Honest Real Estate Agent

Mario Jannatpour delivers exactly what the title promises – real talk – in this straightforward, informative real estate podcast. He has a knack for focusing on success stories and how people transitioned from other jobs to make it in real estate and what worked for them. He also doesn’t shy away in having frank conversations about what goes wrong and highlighting long-term lessons from veterans in the field as well! Available on iTunes and Stitcher from his website.

3. Agent Caffeine

Could your marketing efforts use a little jolt of inspiration? Kelly Mitchell offers expertise on how to boost real estate marketing efforts, land leads and excel in sales with her dynamic Agent Caffeine podcast. With her focus on innovation and action, she combines expert examples in how to analyze insights and listen to customers with maximum entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring leadership chops. Her video/audio show airs live with chat participation every Tuesday night on her website. You can also subscribe to the podcast to take it with you, via iTunes and Stitcher and connect with Kelly Mitchell via every social media platform for bonus content and great examples.

4. Unlisted, with Brad Inman

The Inman Connect conferences have established Brad Inman as an industry leader who brings together experts and top producers from every corner of the real estate field and intersecting networks. His growing media empire stays on top of technology, software, news, and trends as well, so naturally, his podcast is tremendously insightful to connect what’s going on across the globe in real estate markets. For inspiration and strategy in growing your business and managing at the top of your game, his podcast features interviews with leaders and top producers in real estate and also draws parallels and tips from successful entrepreneurs in other fields.

5. Conversations that Matter

Conversations that Matter is a real estate podcast aimed at digging deeper to discuss “the things that really matter” to your business and your customers. Host Teri Conrad interviews game-changers and innovators who challenge listeners to go beyond the surface of usual business talk to provoke fresh ideas and rethink the best ways to communicate their brand. Listen or download on their website.

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6. Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today is the official podcast produced by the National Association of Realtors. In this one, the industry expertise is tailored for your clients and potential leads, to educate them on what they need to know about buying, selling and improving the value of their homes in the current market. That’s also the reason you should listen to it, to keep your finger on the pulse of what matters most to your customers and collect valuable insight on how to work with them to meet their goals and address their concerns. Stream their podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or directly from their website.

7. Real Estate Pros

Real Estate Pros calls itself “the podcast for real people in the business of residential sales and property management” and takes a close look at specific, practical ways experienced industry leaders have learned from their mistakes and become successful. If you are open to learning and sharpening the most foundational elements of your strategies, such as strengthening your business plan, reworking your marketing efforts or launching an email campaign, this podcast could help you overcome common stumbling blocks. Available for streaming or download on their website or subscribe using other services like iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean.

8. High Performance

This podcast, based in Australia is for real estate agents, brokers and investors to up their game and become top producers and effective leaders in their business and the field. You may already be caught up with trends, market news, and general tips. So this is the podcast to listen to if you are looking to challenge yourself to take a harder look at your prospecting, management techniques, presentation and communication strategies and focus on overall productivity and growth. Available for subscription on iTunes and Stitcher.

9. Yes Talk

This real estate podcast has a very straightforward, effective goal: to coach agents to get more “yes” results in conversations, leads, and sales. Who doesn’t want to hear the word “yes” more? Kevin Ward’s coaching is a delightful mix of infectious enthusiasm and straightforward tried-and-true scripts and plans. If you want to improve your conversations and overall positive results in your business, listening to these podcasts is like having access to a free training course in how to do it! This would also be a phenomenal tool for leading your team and being an inspiring example for motivation. Watch video versions on his site or subscribe via iTunes.

10. Bigger Pockets

Not every real estate agent is interested in the business of investment, but many work with investors and find a lot of value in cultivating leads that purchase and then sell, lease or flip properties. Even if that’s not currently a part of your business, the Bigger Pockets strategies for financial and investment success can help you evaluate how to scale your business, be innovative and take it up a notch. As one of the top-rated industry podcasts, you can find transcripts on their site and links to view it in video format on youtube or subscribe and listen on iTunes, Stitcher, google play or Soundcloud.

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Do you have a favorite real estate podcast that motivates and inspires you to be a top producer? Leave your recommendations in the comments!