Does your sales team need a professional experience like no other? Here’s 10 sales conference ideas to reward (and invest in) your employees

Your sales team has worked hard all year. They’ve toiled; they’ve closed deals, and profits are up. Don’t they deserve a reward? And not just a staff party with frosted cake and two-liter bottles of soda?

If you want to give your team an experience that’s both fun and purposeful, start out with a few sales conference ideas. Create a master list of events and pick one that makes sense for your business goals and budget.

10 sales conference ideas for professional development and enjoyment

1. AA-ISP Inside Sales Conference

This conference focuses solely on “inside sales”—the front-line salespeople who are the first contact by phone, email, or face-to-face. There are an array of different workshops and presentations, with a particular focus on the many responsibilities of sales reps. On-boarding, prospecting, and learning new technology are big focal points for the conference.

2. INBOUND by Hubspot 

This conference has taken the marketing world by a swarm. It attracts keynote speakers like Seth Godin, celebrities like Aziz Ansari, and a host of influencers and authors. For big name conferences, INBOUND takes the cake (and eats it, too). The focus is inbound marketing and sales. Creating sales funnels, engaging with content, and nurturing leads are big parts of the event.

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3. Sales Hacker Conference

Is your business focused on B2B sales? Then this conference is for you. Sales Hacker gives B2B businesses a chance to meet with and learn from the best. Each workshop and training session revolves around the specifics of your target market and finding new ways to leverage technology for better sales.

4. Sales Force Productivity Conference

Here is a conference specifically for your upper-level sales staff, such as managers and supervisors. They’ll learn everything about teaching, coaching, and supporting sales teams. Do you want your managers keeping productivity and sales performance on an upward path? Then this conference is for them.

5. Dreamforce by Salesforce

Dreamforce is a contender for the largest sales conference in the country. Every year San Francisco fills to the brim with professionals from every industry. And that’s the point—Dreamforce aims to give everyone an opportunity to learn, whether you work in a government or advertising agency. With over 1,500 sessions over four days, it’s a little like Disney World for salespeople.

6. Sales 2.0 Conference

This sales conference deals with exactly what’s advertised—strategic development of sales teams. No marketing seminars or secondary topics. Each workshop seeks to help sales reps and executives improve their performance and see increased profit. The keynotes speakers are seasoned sales executives, thought leaders, and analysts.

7. Forrester Customer Executive Summit

If you’ve been reading the list thus far, you’ve probably noticed that each one is different—each group identifies itself with unique sales conference ideas and niches. Forrester created the “Age of the Customer” summit to discuss and teach salespeople how their audiences have changed. They invite guest speakers with expertise in customer behavior and providing strategies to keep up with modern selling techniques.

8. TOPO Sales Summit 

TOPO focuses on one thing: sales growth. They invite the biggest and baddest executives from the fastest growing companies around the world. Do you want to expand your business exponentially? Do you want to train your sales teams to think big? These are the sales conference ideas and questions surrounding this event.

9. CEB Sales and Marketing Summit 

Are you searching for ways teach your salespeople to think and act like marketers? Perhaps the other way around? CEB is on a mission to meld together skill sets for better results. Since online commerce and connectivity is the way of the present (and future) for businesses, this summit seeks to bring you ahead of the technology curve.

10. SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange

The role of salespeople has changed drastically in recent years. Structure and integration are the keys to successful selling today. It’s not so much about how you sell the product, but how you interact with the customer in the sales pipeline. If you’re interested in developing a streamlined sales structure for your business, this sales leadership conference is for you and your team.

There are so many sales conferences ideas to fit all niches. Pick the one that best fits your business goals

The sales conferences we’ve listed stand out in their own way. Some are mainly for B2B strategies; some focus on marketing integration, etc. Figure what your business goals are, and how these conferences can help your team move in that direction. Don’t purchase tickets just because the event looks interesting—research the workshops and seminars and speakers. Make the most of your investment in your sales team, and be sure to have fun!

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client-managerWith all your sales efforts bringing in new business, you’ll need a way to automate your follow-up efforts. That’s our specialty. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll show you how to turn leads into customers with less work!

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