The best business podcasts to supercharge your inspiration and productivity

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” — Paul J. Meyer

Do you find that you do some of your best problem solving on the go? Do you wish for a way to get wasted time back while sitting in traffic on a long commute or rushing around in public transit? Do you catch yourself processing business strategy at the gym or out running? All of these things are likely what gives you a fantastic business edge; you want to be using your time to be as productive as you can!

The best business podcasts provide more than a way to pass the time, and they aren’t just audio seminars of useful information and data. Imagine regularly having brief coffee meetings and roundtable discussions with some of the most brilliant business minds all over the world, to pick their brains about strategies and what has helped them make their way? Their commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts, are all recorded for you to learn from and fire up inspiration.

Here are the best business podcasts to maximize your listening time and supercharge your business ideas! Best of all, they are all available for streaming play, download as mp3 or subscription through services like iTunes or Stitcher!

For Short Breaks – the HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review is a trusted name for all things business management, strategy, and news. In addition to their long form content in print, their podcast often features short takes that correspond and focus on an aspect or overview of business. The episodes often range between 14 and 20 minutes, so they’re perfect for keeping up with the latest news and innovations while you’re walking, jumping on the bus or out for a short drive.

For Balancing Your Busy Life – Beyond the To-Do List

This podcast is conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs around the theme of productivity, how they achieve balance in their lives, and how they do their best work. We’ve all read blog posts full of tips and tricks for managing our productivity, staying organized with the help of apps and learned many valuable life hacks! However, there is an added honest touch to hearing people talk and share their life experiences and stories.

These personally relatable moments are where some of the most relevant insights come from whether it’s about managing a remote team, adapting your business strategy by the seasons, or balancing your home life.

To Focus on Your Field – SaaStr Podcast

SaaStr is a renowned dynamic website and forum that connects professionals from across the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry to discuss what is working and to share and promote success. It very well might already be on your top blogs to read list. It’s even more convenient that they have a podcast that features insiders and a razor-sharp focus on topics specific to growth, marketing, sales and lead generation for SaaS!

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To Get Out of a Rut – The Tim Ferriss Show

Sometimes we need a new perspective to shake up our thinking and boost our capacity for greatness, beyond our favorite motivational quotes. Tim Ferriss is a master of moving and shaking! First establishing his reputation with his best-selling books, Tim Ferriss has made it his business to find more and more ways to experiment, hack his life routines, health, and business. Best of all, he is devoted to sharing and teaching us all how to think outside of conventions and push ourselves towards greatness.

In his podcast, he applies all his famous tinkering and outsider thinking to interviews with other leaders and entrepreneurs, extracting their best tips, tricks, and insights with a lot of humor and passion. This is one of the best inspirations to perk up a morning where you are feeling stuck.

To Take it to the Next Level – All In: Elevating Your Leadership Game

Alicia Dunams is another expert who coaches aspiring business leaders to grow their businesses, set themselves apart and take every aspect of what they do to the next level. Knowing that there are increasingly competitive fields and ways to market better and faster, her podcast focuses on thought leaders that are pioneering, fun and excited about what they do. If you need an extra boost to take some bold, calculated risks, this smart and savvy podcast will help you out.

For being an effective leader in the workplace – Hired

Created by the industry experts at Authentic Jobs, the Hired podcast is in the third season, featuring dynamic conversations regarding the best practices and challenges of management structure, diversity practices, employee motivation, building a workplace culture, and of course, hiring practices. These are essential topics to consider as a busy leader!

For a Master Class in Entrepreneurship – EO Fire

EO Fire is an award-winning podcast built to inspire innovative greatness. John Lee Dumas, founder and host, interviews one entrepreneur every episode, and takes a unique formulaic approach that is incredibly effective and smart.

He asks his guests to start with a story of failure and their lessons learned, talks through what they would identify as their “a-ha moment” and then wraps up with a lightning round of rapid-fire questions designed to pull out “extra nuggets of wisdom.” The result is an incredibly well-structured, inspiring podcast with tons of relatable advice and information. As a bonus, there are incredibly detailed show notes, pull-quotes, and resources on their website for every single show. So you can go back and revisit important key parts that stand out!

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Have you discovered any podcasts that have inspired you in your own personal and professional growth? Leave your favorites in the comments!