The best apps for salespeople will keep
you organized and at the top of your game

A great salesperson is not just confident and driven to succeed, but also highly organized and able to multitask well. A recent study published in the Journal of Professional Selling and Sales Management found that the ability to multitask effectively demonstrated a positive impact on sales performance and decreased stress in the role, stating “A salesperson’s propensity for scheduling and meeting deadlines… highlights the desirability of hiring salespeople who are both disciplined and adaptive with their time.”

Beyond a natural personality type, Type A habits and behaviors are some of your greatest strengths. In the age of smartphones and tablets, you already have access to the best apps for salespeople that can help you get organized, stay sane and multitask like a pro. They’re right there in your smartphone.

The 10 best apps for salespeople with Type-A personalities

trello - best apps for salespeople1. Trello – Free

Trello incorporates the best task and project management features in one accessible and intuitive interface. It can be used many different ways, and if you ever loved keeping track of your to-dos with sticky notes, this interface resembles a big dashboard of sticky notes you can drag around your screen. Except, you can also assign tasks and organize them much better without all the crumpled paper everywhere! Keep track of deadlines and checklists, manage documents, and sync the app across all your devices. If you manage a team, this app is fantastic for assigning and tracking leads.

wunderlist best apps for salespeople2. Wunderlist – Free, In-App Purchases

  • iOS
  • Android

No Type-A walks around without a to-do list, in fact you probably don’t wake up in the morning without one having been written for you the day before. Life just seems a whole lot easier when there’s a list in front of you that you can tackle one item at a time. A simple, yet powerful to-do list, Wunderlist has been featured on many industry best lists for productivity and it’s the one we like best. The beautifully designed free version has everything you need, but it also offers subscriptions for added collaborative and storage features.

best apps for salespeople docusign3. Docusign – Free, In-App Purchases

Imagine you’re in a meeting and your client is ready to sign on the dotted line, but you didn’t prepare with a printed contract. Or you’re in your office waiting for buyers to put an offer on a home you’re selling, and they take an emergency trip to Florida to see an ill relative. Being able to digitize signatures is the best way to get documents signed on the spot, or when you can’t be there in person. Preferred by many top salespeople and realtors, Docusign is “the most widely used digital transaction management platform in the world” and is one of the best apps for salespeople on the go. Create secure contracts, forms, and documents and get signature confirmation and approval fast, so you never have to wait to catch up with paperwork later.

best apps for salespeople genius scan4. Genius Scan – Free, In-App Purchases

There’s nothing better than being able to live paperlessly, printerlessly, and faxlessly. Genius Scan is an easy to use “scanner in your pocket” for those times when paperwork is a necessity, but you don’t want to hang on to it for life. Easily create a PDF instantly by taking a photo of your document, and email or fax contracts from wherever you are. You can send the photo in full color, or it will convert it to a print-friendly black and white document just as if you had scanned it. This app is handy when you need to a contract signed and emailed quickly. It’s also good for keeping track of important documents or expenses, because it allows you to sort files into different folders.

best apps for salespeople expensify5. Expensify – Free

Expensify is a must-have to streamline how you track your mileage and expenses. Being able to scan receipts, capture your mileage and organize everything into reports when you need them is like having an on-demand virtual accountant. Less accounting work for you means more time and energy to focus on sales, and while the app is the most handy, there’s also a desktop app. If you’re a business owner, this app is great because you can hook up your bank accounts, and it will create an IRS-approved receipt for any transaction under $75. If you’re a traveling salesperson, you’ll love it because you can plug in all your mileage for easy submission and reimbursement (MileIQ is good for that too).

lead-managerlead-managerPro tip: Pencil some time into your Wunderlist checklist and schedule a free demo today to stay on target with leads! You won’t even need to Expensify it!


apps for salespeople tripit6. Tripit – Free, Pro Subscription Option

If you travel for your sales job, you probably spend a lot of time opening and re-opening itinerary emails, or creating your own lists to remember where to go, what car to pick up, and where you’re staying. This app from Concur, the business travel experts, offers a simple, efficient way to manage all your travel arrangements in one place. As a salesperson on the road, don’t waste time having to search email for confirmation numbers, the correct airport terminal or the rental car reservation. Tripit allows you to import directly from your email box and have all the details organized at your fingertips.

apps for salespeople mighty meeting7. Mighty Meeting – Free, In-App Purchases

  • iOS
  • Android

There’s a lot of presentation software out there, and WebEx and GoToMeeting have decent apps for live presentations with clients who like that software. Mighty Meeting is a little more out of the box, but it’s powerful presentation software that allows you to share a sales deck, pdf or video with contacts in person or remotely. The “in person” portion of this app is what’s unique, because some of the best salespeople we know keep a 10-slide, 5-minute deck in their pocket to show whenever a lead pops up in everyday life (networking events, at a coffee shop, even at the dog park.) Mighty Meeting allows you to pop open your presentation, and also share it with others. Extra features allow you to zoom or highlight directly on the screen, draw, switch between presentations and take notes on a shared whiteboard.

best apps for salespeople cardcam8. CamCard – Free

As a salesperson, so much of your job involves managing your network and new leads. You go to a conference and come home with twenty to a hundred business cards, depending how many networking events you go to. Or maybe you’re holding down the fort at a booth for your conference, and asking people to submit their business card for a free iPad, and now you have to turn all those cards into a file of leads. Scan all your business cards in once and manage all of your contacts effortlessly with CamCard, which allows you to scan and store every card. Never lose a lead again when you can browse through and organize who to re-engage with at designated times.

best apps for salespeople9. Dragon – Free

If you’re an A-Type salesperson, you go bonkers when you’re not productive. Most of the time, while waiting in traffic, or sitting on a wifi-less train into work, you’re chewing your nails because you wish there were more to do than check your emails on your phone. If you’ve ever sat around in these situations hoping to get that productive time back, this app is for you. Dragon is a dictation app that allows you to speak notes, texts, emails and even update social media statuses. It’s also a great practice tool for sales calls.

best apps for salespeople uber10. Uber – Free

In every city, Uber is now indispensable for the convenience of scheduling a pickup and arriving at the exact right place with time to spare. Get to all your meetings faster and as a bonus, since you’re not driving, you can use the rest of these apps to prepare and stay organized!

Using the best apps for salespeople that maximize your Type A potential, you will be able to focus your time and energy on doing what you do best: boosting your sales performance.

lead-managerlead-managerPro tip: Pencil some time into your Wunderlist checklist and schedule a free demo today to stay on target with leads! You won’t even need to Expensify it!

Are you a Type A sales superstar who uses apps to keep organized? Leave your favorite app recommendations in the comments!