Web forms are tools used to collect a customer or prospect’s data

Are you wondering “What are web forms?” You might have heard the term “web forms” but not known what it means. The answer is simple: web forms are tools used to collect data on the internet. They can be used by any industry, but work especially well in all sales industries, like insurance, mortgage, and financial services.

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So, what are web forms?

You might not think you know what web forms are, but chances are you’ve already used them many times.

Have you ever completed a “Contact Us” page on a company’s website? What about filling information into required fields when searching for car insurance rates? Have you ever signed up for something – like a social media account? If you’ve ever completed any of those activities, you were using a web form!

Companies create web forms to gather data from people who visit their website. Think about what type of ways you can use web forms to learn about your leads or even current customers. You could use a web form to gather emails for a marketing newsletter or to collect reviews and testimonials on your product.

How can I use web forms in sales?

Now that we’ve answered the question “what are web forms,” let’s talk about the many ways you can use them to boost your sales.

1. Referrals

Are referrals a big part of your sales process? Do contact numbers or emails come to you via phone calls, emails, or even slips of paper? Create a web form where they can easily enter the information without needing to contact you.

2. Lead generation

Does your company do a lot of cold calling? Create a web form where your sales staff can enter lead information immediately while they are on the call.

3. Networking

If you’re in sales, you probably spend a lot of time networking with other sales professionals or prospects. Instead of collecting – and in turn losing – business cards at a large conference, ask attendees to enter their information on a web form. Be sure to carry a smartphone or small tablet to collect this information on the spot.

4. Website visitors

They might not yet be leads, but somehow, these individuals found their way to your website. Capture their information on various web pages via web forms. If you have a company blog, you can create a web form for users who want to sign up to receive blog updates or your company newsletter. If you’re launching a new product, create a teaser page that captures the contact information of interested viewers.

5. Current or previous customers

Do you want to know how your sales staff are performing? Create a customer-service style web form asking for reviews of your products or sales staff. Just be sure to allow the answerer the option to remain anonymous.

Once you’ve used Blitz to create web forms, we can teach you how to automate the sales processes based on the information you’ve collected. Does your lead want a sales quote? Great, we can assign him or her to a member of your sales staff. Did someone send you a referral? Use Blitz to send an automatic email to the prospect as soon as the referral comes in. Try Blitz now. Your free 30-day trial is just waiting for you.

Have you ever wondered, “what are web forms?” Do you use them on your website? Let us know in the comments!