Before your clients file away their home insurance checklist, recommend these four tips.

If you’re advising new leads or even repeat customers on a home insurance policy, you know there are usually many repetitive questions that are asked of you. While many of your answers are personalized based on the individual home and homeowner, a home insurance checklist will greatly benefit all of your clients.

These tips were written specifically with your clients in mind. Feel free to share this post with them or use it to advise them yourself!

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Plan your coverage wisely


Do you already have a home insurance policy? If so, check that it includes everything you possibly need. If you’ve recently bought anything worth insuring, such as an engagement ring or a piece of art, add these items to your policy. Contact your insurance agent before renewal and upgrade your plan.


One way to save money on your insurance is by bundling your plans. By purchasing your auto and homeowners insurance from the same company, you’re likely to get a discount. Add additional insurance plans such as boaters, motorcycle, or professional liability insurance and the discounts will continue to help you save.


Disaster-proof your home


Did you know that you can save money on your insurance premiums if you make changes to improve your home? Simple changes such as adding storm shutters or upgrading heating or electric could help you reduce the risk of damage to your house. If you’re able to invest in larger projects, consider reinforcing your roof with stronger materials, upgrading any electrical issues, or checking the structure on any freestanding structures on your property, like sheds or garages.


Another way to disaster-proof your house, and save money while doing so, is by making it more secure. Did you know that many insurance companies offer a discount for houses that have installed smoke detectors and alarm systems? To thwart a burglary, install deadbolt locks on your doors and additional locking mechanisms on ground-level windows.


Inventory your valuables


This tip may be one of the most helpful and important tips in our home insurance checklist. Yes, this task is daunting, but if you put it off forever, you might not have a detailed list if an emergency strikes.


Going room-to-room, create an inventory that includes detailed descriptions of your goods. Do this on a computer so that you can update the list at any time with new purchases or upgrades. Don’t forget to take old items off the list if you remove anything from your home. It may be best to order this list by the room each item resides in. Each listing should include the make, model, price paid, and date of purchase. Take photos of your items and keep scanned copies of your receipts, and warranties as a digital proof of ownership.


Once your inventory list is complete, store it, along with all the digital proof somewhere safe, such as a safe deposit box.


Know replacement costs


If there is ever any damage to your house, you’re going to want to get it repaired, right? Imagine if the entire house needs to be replaced due to a fire. Knowing what to expect for replacement costs will help you start the rebuilding process and expedite your claim. When you have your home appraised, ask for a replacement cost estimate. Once you have this, ask if it also includes the cost of your valuables.


If you’re working in the insurance field, you’re regularly discussing these tips with your leads and clients. Let us help you streamline your processes by automating your sales communications.

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What tips would you add to this home insurance checklist? Be sure to let us know in the comments.