Have you developed a sales mindset that makes over-the-phone sales easier to close? If not, you can start right now!

Have you ever realized that sales experts tend to give the same advice? The obvious tips and tricks with only slight variations? On the one hand, that might be a sign of consistency, which implies their opinions are valuable. But let’s take a step back for a moment and talk about something less glitzy, but even more necessary for phone-to-phone success: your sales mindset.

Forget the selling gurus. Forget their strategies for cold calling. Forget all of it.

No “secret tip” will ever give you a magic wand for closing deals. And advice that does matter—which helps development in the long run—will not overcome the wrong mindset. It all starts here.sales mindset

How to influence sales results before you even pick up the phone

Most salespeople think about failure before they dial a prospect. They dread cold calling. They feel like an interruption in someone’s day. They’ll get yelled at, ridiculed, and embarrassed. Who wants to go through that? No one in their right mind.

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It’s the way you approach a sales call that makes the difference. It’s how you view the situation, what you’re offering, and the goals you aim to achieve. If you don’t have the right sales mindset, the fear and dread will never go away. Your time (and the prospect’s time) is always wasted.

1. Qualify your calls before dialing.

Research your prospect as much as possible. Figure out what she is in the market for and what offers are valuable to her. Warm up your calls, so they aren’t too cold.

2. Decide what action you want the prospect to take.

Realize that it’s rare to get someone to purchase, on the spot, over the phone. Think about where each prospect falls in the “buying cycle” and decide the exact action you want them to take. Are you trying to set up an in-person meeting? Get them to commit to a demonstration? Figure out your goal, and work towards it.

3. Come prepared with an outstanding offer.

If you want someone to take action, then drum up a sense of urgency. Your offer should get them curious. Without an awesome offer, you have a small chance of success.

4. Make your phone calls the highlight of their day.

Re-think the value of your phone call. Prepare and execute in such a way that your prospect sees it as an opportunity. A vigorous sales mindset focuses on providing solutions and excellent service. Believe you will solve her problem right now and provide relief.

sales mindset

4 obvious secrets to becoming a phone sales hero (with a focused mindset)

Becoming a skilled salesperson over the phone is not complicated. But it’s not simple either. The results you want depend entirely upon you: your mindset, consistency, and level of commitment.

1. Move phone sales from “last resort” to “Monday mornings.”

A dedicated schedule is your secret weapon. Unless you’re an outbound sales employee that calls on prospects every day, chances are you’re unorganized about it. The “last resort” perspective will never deliver great results. If you only call when you’re desperate for a sale, that energy will show up and scare people away. Set a schedule and stick to it. Practice well.

2. Play a game and tally up the points

How do you change your sales mindset from bored to excited? Turn your goals into games. Sales teams do this all the time to encourage teamwork. It also helps to de-personalize failures and to move forward without harping on the negatives.

If your goal is to make twenty sales calls per week, take twenty pennies and line them up on your desk. After every call, push a penny forward. Your goal isn’t closing every time; your goal is to push pennies. Once you push each one, you’ve accomplished something for the week and created momentum.

3. Find your ticks, superstitions, and rituals

Make sales calls a personal habit. Experiment while on your calls and see what works best for you. Talking while walking? Doing pushups? Whatever your process is, make it yours.

  • Purchase a headset or Bluetooth so you can walk around while talking.
  • Fidget with a squeeze toy or twirl a pen while listening and responding.
  • Write out a phone script and use it as a guide on your calls.

4. Critique your peers and avoid mistakes

A lot of people would recommend reading or watching phone sales experts. That’s good advice, so definitely pick out a few books and dig in. But it’s also valuable to watch amateurs at work. You can easily critique mistakes, hiccups, and mentally record them. The experts make cold calls look natural, so it gets you to set unrealistic expectations. Balance out by listening and watching your peers work their way through a sales call. It might give you boost of confidence!

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