Ensure success by using these sales scripts with your leads.

Salespeople commonly make the mistake of not establishing a follow up task at the end of each sales call. Instead of vague follow ups with no concrete follow up date and time, make sure to create one at the end of each sales call. Review all data that is gathered at the end of each call and determine what is needed prior to the next call, and who is responsible for which tasks. Once that is done though, you have the challenging task of knowing what to say in your next follow up call. Crafting a well thought out follow up sales call script can go a long way.

Generally, the follow up call is the one that warms up the sales lead and gets the opportunity launched.  The follow up call is also where useful and substantive information is gathered on both sides and where – hopefully – a profitable long-term relationship with this customer is established.

Don’t miss out on a great sales opportunity by not being prepared!  Here are some effective and proven follow up sales script ideas that you can use to ensure you have a great follow up call.

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follow up sales call script

1. Be prepared for rejection

When you hear rejection remember to ask questions to understand why the prospect is objecting while maintaining your composure.

Example: Thank you <<Name>>. I understand why you may not be interested at this time. However, when another client <<Another Company>> was experiencing the same issues with his current solution, he found that A, B, and C from our product helped him to improve his revenue while improving efficiency. Those features are ones that we have already discussed would be useful for your company.  Can you share with me please why improving those metrics are not of value to you at this time?

By asking your sales lead a question you are showcasing the value your product and/or value proposition that would help you move beyond the initial resistance. Occasionally someone that is not interested may not be ready for have the time to listen, and that’s OK.

2. Ensure they know the value of your product

Prospects might say that they do not have the money or cannot afford your product or service.  If this happens to you, it is important to be prepared with a sales script that allows you to face this delicate topic.

Example: Thank you for sharing that information <<Name>>. While you may be uncertain to open up some budget for our solution, our other clients have consistently demonstrated that they are very pleased they made the investment. Our client <<Another Company>> implements our A and B products and saw immediate benefits to making the switch. Even if you are not ready to buy today, would you have a moment so I can share with you the benefits for then it does become possible to buy?

Sometimes sales leads might raise an objection to the cost by saying that it’s not in their budget because they have already evaluated the solution but have already concluded that it was not worth the cost. If this happens it can be difficult to convince the prospect that you have an additional value proposition. If it has been a few months since your last sales call with this lead, be sure to reference new clients, product updates, or use cases clearly outline added value since your last conversation.

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follow up sales call script

3. Explain why unique value proposition (especially if they are using your key competitor)

It is tempting to attack your competitor or devalue the sale lead’s current vendor.  This tactic often comes across as being rude to your lead and for that reason is not a good idea.  Instead, take the time to explain precisely what it is about your competitor’s products or solution that is inferior to the solution from your company. What additional value can your company you offer them that your competitor cannot match?

Example: It is great to hear that you are already working with a vendor to meet your needs. This confirms that due to needing a solution to help with A and B, are you aware that they do not offer C and D?  Unlike <<Competitor Name>>, our solution offers not only A and B, but also C and D for a similar price. This provides you extra value. Would you like to learn more?”

4. Provide additional value for your strongest rejections

Common sales rejections arise when the sales lead tells you that now isn’t the time to implement a solution for what your company offers.  The prospect could be simply preoccupied with their other daily duties and are not convenience that making implementing your product is a high enough priority for them. Regardless of the reason they provide to you, are still ways to add value on the other side of their objection.

Example: It’s great to hear that your company is so busy!  Did you know that our solution can save you time through A and B, which would and improve C and D for you during the busy season. Clients like <<Another Company>> have used our product to improve C and D and are extremely glad that they didn’t wait.  Acting now will ensure that you capture the additional value that we can provide immediately.


follow up sales call script

Timing objections can be best combated by framing the conversation to show that acting now instead of acting later is in the company’s best interest in the long run.

What sales scripts have worked for your follow up sales calls that were not included in our list?  Share your tips in the comments below!