Part of establishing an effective hiring strategy is the ability to track different aspects of your current process and make improvements where necessary.  Blitz’s applicant tracking system gives businesses the flexibility to track and run reports based on any criteria or activities they choose.  Users are able to define their custom hiring process, and choose reporting options that fit their unique needs.  When it’s easy to see the big picture, it’s easy to see what’s working and what’s not working, and businesses are able to stop wasting time making the same mistakes and finding the information they are looking for.

Where should I be finding candidates?

Blitz gives users the ability to see which source is generating the most or best applicants for their company.  They can determine how many were hired from each source, how many didn’t show up for an interview, how many were qualified for the position, etc.  Being able to gauge this prevents companies for spending more money on marketing or programs that aren’t generating results.

How much time should I be spending hiring a new employee?

Any company could tell you that timing is everything.  Some positions need to be filled immediately, while others may have a different timeline.  Blitz allows companies to track how long it’s taking to get applicants through the hiring process, depending on the position, and makes it simple to pinpoint any hold ups or issues that are occurring.

How many people should I be interviewing? 

How many first or second interviews did you have this week?  If you can’t quickly answer this question, you need a system to track it for you.  Blitz makes it simple to find and track any hiring activities.  Monitor anything from number of first interviews, number of candidates with a completed background check, and more.

Do I need to reevaluate our interview process?

In addition to tracking applicants, Blitz allows companies to track their staff and interview process.  Reports are available that allow managers to easily pull up interview notes from a particular employee.  This is a great coaching tool to help improve your internal processes.

Custom reporting

If you don’t see the report you are looking for, you are able to easily create custom reports to track and find any data necessary to improve your business.  Our support staff is available to help you find what you are looking for.

For questions about reporting or Blitz, please contact the Blitz support staff at (419)841-8800 or email support@blitzleadmanager.com.