Use email marketing lead nurturing to increase sales and improve communication.

For your sales team – not just your marketing staff – lead nurturing can be powerful when it’s done right.  Lead nurturing can help your business to engage leads and prospects in a way that can keep them engaged and help move them through all stages of the buyer journey and, once qualified, through your company’s sales funnel. Let’s be honest, email marketing lead nurturing is one of the most important initiatives your company can undertake if it wants to reach more prospects with the right message at the best points in the sales cycle. Here are some email marketing lead nurturing ideas your brand can’t afford to not try to stay top-of-mind with your customers.

Design an eye-catching welcome campaign.
Once you have new prospects in your database, leverage a simple but effective welcome campaign to open the doors of communication. Welcome emails are generally expected when someone signs up for a newsletter, for example, or signs up for a webinar at a company for the first time.  And while you have the attention of your prospect, welcome drip emails can introduce your organization, your brand differentiators, products or services, special offers and more.  Welcome drip emails allow you to provide them with the information you feel is the most important, but in a way that isn’t overwhelming or become too cumbersome for the reader.  Keep them interested and build awareness slowly and with purpose.

Create a top-of-mind drip campaign.
A drip campaign is a series of emails or messages used to provide small amounts of information to a customer segment slowly but with meaning and purpose with an end-goal in mind. You can use this tactic to design an email marketing lead nurturing campaign that will keep your leads from forgetting about your company. Leverage your content marketing such as industry related news, educational opportunities, blog posts, white papers or case studies.  Keep the content focused and meaningful.

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Email Marketing Lead Nurturing

Implement a campaign to reengage your leads.
Despite your sales team’s best efforts, there will always be some prospects that become inactive during the buyer journey.  However, just because that lead hasn’t responded does not necessarily mean that person isn’t a viable sales lead. The goal of a reengagement campaign is to provide something to them that is so meaningful that they will raise their hand and take action.  That action might be to contact you, or it could be to download a piece of premium content like a white paper, case study, or eBook resource.  Get creative and like the top-of-mind drip campaign, it’s essential that the content of this email marketing lead nurturing initiative be strong enough and presented with enough urgency that the recipient to take action.

Tackle the competition with a competitive campaign.
One your sales team has worked a new lead, you will likely learn a lot about their needs and expectations.  Perhaps they are looking to move from one of your top competitors to your company.  Maybe they are looking to purpose products or services for the first time and are comparing your business to the offerings at a top competitor.  In both cases, a strong competitive campaign can refocus the advantages of your brand differentiators without being negative and pointing out the competition’s flaws (which can turn off prospects). Tailor the content depending on the needs of the prospects to ensure the best possible chance of success.

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How has your business used email marketing lead nurturing to grow your business?  Share your stories with our readers below!