Blitz’s Neglected Leads page displays all the leads that have become neglected. Navigate to the Leads Menu and choose Neglected Leads to view the page. In order for a lead to become neglected:

  1. An appointment/event is made with the lead and added to the scheduler
  2. The appointment occurs
  3. The lead becomes “neglected” if no lead log update is made after the appointment occured

The last appointment date and last lead log date for the neglected lead are listed and by default the neglected leads/contacts are sorted by the number of days they have been neglected.

The neglected leads page provides a simple way for you to keep on top of follow ups and makes sure you keep the lead log updated with the latest happenings and scheduled events.

Keep in mind the neglected leads takes into consideration only the latest scheduled appointment with a lead, so if a lead is on the neglected list and another appointment is added to the schedule with that lead and that lead is effectively taken off the neglected list. A lead can also be taken off the neglected lead list if a lead log entry is made for that lead.

Never lose sight of your leads again with the Blitz Sales Follow-Up software!