Looking to invest in commercial cleaning software? Our CRM will scrub, buff, and polish your sales funnel to a brand new shine!

Professional cleaning is a booming industry. But with every growing business comes stiff competition. How can you get a leg up on your competitors and grow your company? It’s time you took a look at commercial cleaning software (like a CRM).

Even if you’re entire business plan hangs on strong referrals, you can utilize CRM tools to improve those relationships. You can also give your sales team an efficient workflow and follow-up system.

Why should you invest in commercial cleaning software? It automates your sales process

Picture this:

Your long-standing client just referred your services to another company. Their operations manager checks out your website, finds the contact page and requests a price quote via email.

Your manager, who usually fields these messages, is out sick and won’t be back until Monday. The email goes unnoticed all weekend.

Instead of waiting, your referral lead contacts a different company, gets a price quote and looks over a contract by Monday afternoon.

You’re out of the game. All because you were late. The price request needed a follow-up, but there was no workflow to delegate the task.

Wouldn’t you hate to see a referral get ignored and then sign a contract with your competition?

Here’s the good news: that situation never has to occur.

There is technology available today that automates your follow-up efforts and makes client relationships (leads, contacts, referrals, past and current clients) easier to manage.

With commercial cleaning software, you’ll have greater control over your sales process and workflow.

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Commercial cleaning software tools: 4 ways to capture and manage leads with less work

1. Automated follow-ups 

Imagine this: a property manager requests a quote via email and receives an automatic response—boom. No hassle, no waiting. Meanwhile, the contact’s information is loaded into a software system, and it notifies one of your employees to follow-up with a phone call.

How’s that for a streamlined processes? The software helps create a workflow that keeps customers engaged at all times. And your employees customize those steps to their preferences.

Not only can you schedule automated follow-ups, but you can also create email campaigns to market your services to leads, referrals, and past clients.

2. In-depth reports on lead statuses

Wondering where your leads are currently in the sales process? You can run reports and see every step: follow-ups they’ve received, sales reps they’ve spoken to, and further notes. The entire monitoring process is customizable to your needs.

  • Track every step in the sales process for new leads.
  • Calculate ROI and cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.
  • Record notes, appointment reminders, and status updates.
  • Customize sales pipeline “milestones” to your workflow.

3. Lead assignment and accountability 

Remember that scenario in which no one follow-up with a price quote? With a CRM tool like Blitz, there is less room for leads to fall through the cracks. When a new lead enters the system, they’re directly uploaded in the software database and ready to assign.

  • Leads can be assigned in bulk.
  • Leads are re-assigned automatically if not given attention.
  • Everyone know who is responsible for follow-up.
  • Every lead is tracked within the system and reports are generated on progress.

4. Intuitive reminders to complete tasks 

What’s the main benefit your commercial cleaning software? Keeping your staff on track at all times and making sure tasks are completed. In other words, your CRM tool works as a 24/7 personal assistant with super-human powers.

With Blitz, your staff will be notified and reminded on a daily basis on what tasks need attention.

A few examples:

  • Neglected leads that need follow-up
  • Sending emails to current clients
  • Re-quoting a client
  • Calendar updates

What does this mean for you and your managers? Less time chasing down salespeople. No manual follow-ups necessary.

Looking for the best (and most affordable) commercial cleaning software? Look no more: our CRM is here to help

If you want to expand your services and pick up new clients, you have to give your sales team the tools they need to organize and work effectively. Investing in a CRM tool like Blitz provides follow-up and sales pipeline mastery. If you’re in the commercial cleaning industry and looking for a business management software, in addition to a CRM tool, then Janitorial Manager is for you.

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client-managerWant to continually engage customers at every point of the sale? That’s our specialty. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll show you how to turn leads into customers with less work!

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