Does your company have a website that collects leads?  Do you get contact us, quote or any other requests from your website?  Are you just setup to get these requests sent to someone’s email?

The Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software will allow you to have website requests to be added automatically into the the system.  Having these leads from your website come right into a sales follow-up system will allow you to:

  • Never lose sight of a lead again as it will not just be in someone’s email but rather in Blitz to be seen and tracked.
  • You will be able to measure the amount of leads that came from the website.
  • You will be able to measure the amount of business you get from your website.
  • Eliminate the time and effort it takes to add these leads into your web-based sales follow-up system.

Blitz also allows a confirmation email to be sent to your customer as soon as a request comes in from the website.  Your customer will know right away that you are aware of their request and we be in contact with them soon.  When a lead is on your website, it is typically a hot lead and so being able to send them a quick response can be critical to getting the business.