Having trouble selling over the phone? If you're not looking for typical advice, here are our favorite sales call tips that are a little...differentHaving trouble selling over the phone? If you’re not looking for typical advice, here are our favorite sales call tips that are a little…different

The first time you close a deal over the phone, something clicks. You change, and so does your behavior with people. You begin to understand what people like to hear, what makes them trust you, and so forth. It’s tough to make a sales call—don’t let anybody, especially those who haven’t tried, tell you otherwise. If you don’t know how to close over the phone, or you’re having trouble, it’s time to brush up on a few sales call tips outside the text book.

At the end of the day, what stops a salesperson dead in their tracks is fear and overthinking. If you’re looking for a few ways to overcome your hiccups and close more deals, you have to think outside the box. You have to mix things up and have fun with it.

10 sales call tips for breaking up routine, gaining confidence, and closing deals (is there anything else you’d want?)

Sales call tip #1: Get your butt off the chair and start moving around with a headset

Not only is sitting around bad for your back health, but it also affects your mood and energy. Salespeople need a lot of positive energy. Why? Because enthusiasm is contagious and it helps you establish a good relationship with the prospect.

Purchase yourself a wireless headset and start making your sales calls outside your workspace. Pace around the office, go outside, walk up and down the hallways, ride the elevator, take the stairs—do whatever you need to do. Just don’t sit around or stay still.

Sales call tip #2: When the conversation is going well, and you’re close to a deal….hang up on them

What? Are you kidding? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! (Yelling, screaming, and various sounds of uproar).

Calm down, folks. We didn’t add this tip to get you excited and confused.

Here’s the thing: when you spend a lot of time with clients on the phone or get super close to closing a big deal, you tend to focus on the sale rather than helping the customer. You slip up, you sound desperate, and usually shoot yourself in the foot.

That’s why you need to let go of the result. Forget about the sale. Forget about the money signs. If it’s a big client and you’re getting so close to closing the deal that you’re sweating over it, just hang up. Hang up and let go for a moment.

If you were truly as close a you thought you were to making the deal, the customer will call you back. Or, they’ll pick up again.

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Sales call tip #3: Conduct in-depth research on yourself and learn how you speak to people

As a salesperson, your most valuable product to sell is that person in the mirror. People buy from you because they like you. Once they like you, they begin to trust you. It’s really that simple.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Man, I really couldn’t stand that salesperson. He sounded so arrogant and bored with me. But, for some reason, I trusted him and decided to sign up anyway.”

Nope! Never happened and never will happen. Ever.

We don’t focus enough on ourselves. We’re always trying to figure out the prospect. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment: would you buy from you over the phone?

Record yourself on a sales call and listen. Figure out your tone, your hiccups, and takes notes.

Sales call tip #4: Learn to speak to emotions, not reasons (Remember: feel, felt, and found)

Chances are you heard of “feel, felt, found” before. If not, well, now is the time to get acquainted with it. That’s one of the essential sales call tips we can give to you. Many posts skip right over it.

Feel, felt, found is a basic, yet powerful strategy for overcoming customer objections, doubts, and uncertainty. Here is an example of it in action:

“Mary, thank you for sharing your concerns about the price ranges for our (x product). I understand how you feel because I’ve spoken to many clients with similar questions. In fact, I’ve felt the same way about changing from one manufacturer to another, especially when the price is a little higher. But after trying the (x product) and seeing its superior quality, I found that a few extra dollars can go a long way. Would you like to sign up for a no obligation trial and see for yourself?”

Sales call tip#5: Stop using generic scripts—everyone notices (it’s not a secret weapon)

Don’t get me wrong: some scripts actually work. Usually, it’s the ones you, the salesperson, have created over time through trial and error. The trick is to stop clinging to the script handed to you. You can let go; it’s okay. Those generic scripts are not keeping your head above water; they’re dragging you down to the bottom of the ocean.

People take notice of scripted questions. They’re are easy to spot, especially if those words aren’t your own. If you like using a script, here are some mini sales call tips:

  • Take that generic script and change it to reflect your voice and experience.
  • Create your own sales script over time and, eventually, throw away the other one.
  • Build scripts for specific clients or personas. No strategy works for every prospect.

Sales call tip #6: Bask in the selling advantages of your shameless vanity

In other words, watch yourself in the mirror when you’re on a sales call. You’ll be surprised how you actually look when you’re trying to sell. Your body language is a direct reflection of your energy level which also affects your voice tone.

Remember: most people on the phone are listening to your words, but not everyone. They’re paying more attention to the tonal queues you’re giving them. In high energy moments, they start to focus. In low, deep, slow moments, they start to wander. Try to stay on the former as much as possible. Keep them engaged.

Everyone has an opinion on sales call tips, but no one will tell you to hang up first (except us)

Salespeople often get caught in a rut of what their jobs are supposed to be, rather than making it up as they go. Trust yourself. Figure out ways to succeed, no matter how silly they may be. Hanging up on a promising phone call will not ruin your week. Let go of the result and start to focus on the customer.

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Do you have any unexpected sales call tips to share with us? If so, let us know in the comments.