Are you considering a business coach for your sales team?

Business coaching is fast becoming a popular way for companies to increase their efficiency and to generate more revenue. If you’re considering hiring one, know what you’re trying to achieve and the consequences if you don’t meet your goals. How will business coaching help you get the results you can’t get on your own? If you’re considering hiring a coach, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you get results from your investment in their services.

Business coaches can help with a variety of different tasks.

Business coaching is most commonly considered when a company is looking to either facilitate or ease a transition for the organization. A coach can also assist with developing the potential of the organization. But before you hire anyone, ensure that you know what you do and don’t need them to assist with if you wish to achieve optimal results.

Business coaching can be expensive.

A common saying is that it costs money to make money. And that has never been truer than with business coaching. Truth be told, hiring a business coach can be quite expensive.  The average hourly rate can range from as low as $200 per hour all the way up to more than $3500 per hour.  So if you wish to hire one, just be aware the investment can be substantial.

Business coaching can get personal.

While a business coach is hired to help a company, often times he or she can become involved in the personal lives of the executives for whom they are working. Try your best, if you hire a business coach, to separate the work they do for the company from what they do to assist you within your personal life.

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Make sure they’re the right fit before hiring them.

Similar to when you hire any candidate for the job, while they may have stellar credentials they may not be the best match to fit the needs of your organization. With a good fit, trust cannot be established which is important for business coaches.

Prepare yourself to learn and grow.

The business owners who get the most out of business coaching are those with a thirst to learn and improve. While a good business coach will help you to achieve success, if you or those working alongside you have iron-clad systems in place that you are not willing to change, then business coaching may not be the right fit for your organization. You need to be able to give and take if you want a coach to truly help your business.

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