Teamwork activities need to be fun and effective in order to inspire your employees. These tips can help you plan an event that makes a positive impact.

Last month Blitz provided you a blog post, 14 Team Building Activities That Are Actually Fun (No Really), which outlines from fun an engaging teamwork activities.  However, before your next team-building event, take note that there are some things to keep in mind to create teamwork activities that really work.

Have a goal.
What is your objective for the teamwork activity? What do you want employees and manager to learn from participating in the activity?  Sometimes a business might want to have employees do a certain teamwork activity without actually knowing what you expect or hope they get or learn from participating. Determine your objective before selecting your teamwork activity to ensure everyone has the best possible experience.

Be inclusive.
One of the most challenging aspects of team-building to find something that meets your desired objective, while also being something that both extroverts and introverts will equally enjoy. During your company’s teamwork activities, employees will probably have to step outside their comfort zones.  Before planning an activity, consider what the group – and those that are part of the group – would find the most worthwhile.

Consider the feelings of your staff.
When sales are down or previous co-workers have just been laid off, businesses sometimes turn to teamwork activities to boost company morale. While that idea might sound good in theory, the reality might be something different than what you might anticipate. There is a time and a place for everything.  If you get a sense that your employees are concerned, provide an activity to let their voices be heard and allow them to address their issues in a constructive manner.

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teamwork activities

Encourage healthy competition.
Difference companies each have their own idea about what makes a healthy competition.  When considering and planning for teamwork activities, think about fun ways to courage a competitive spirit that is fun and good-natured. Perhaps is department vs. department or even those with a last name of A-M vs. those with a last name of N-Z.  Make the competition fun without taking itself too seriously.

Make the impact long-lasting and positive.
Teamwork activities, when executed correctly, can have a very positive impact on the morale of your employees and your managers.   Take the time needed to follow the steps above prior to selecting a teamwork activity.  It will ensure that everyone has the best possible experience for everyone that will stick with them long after the workday has ended.

teamwork activities

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How has your workplace improved the impact and effectiveness of teamwork activities? Do you have any additional examples that we haven’t included here? What have your results been when using some of the tips in this article?

Share your feedback in the comments below!