Create engagement activities at work with meaning and purpose.

Before your human resources or management team starting planning activities for your employees, take a step back and press the pause button.  It is important that you put yourself into the mindset of your employees if you want your efforts to yield results.  Start with the end in mind, instead of the other way around.  Your employees are real people with enormous untapped potential that could be nurtured to benefit their career aspirations and your company.

Why It’s Important
Keeping your employees happy is a challenge that all managers face. Your team wants to invest time and energy into your company, but only if they feel it is worth the effort. When you demonstrate to them that you value their thoughts and opinions, job satisfaction increases, absence goes down, and overall wellbeing soars.

Be Financially Transparent
Employees these days are smart.  While businesses frequently prefer to keep their employees in the dark about the true financial state of the organization, nothing derails trust faster than keeping your team in the dark.  Create a presentation that links the company’s mission and objectives, the team’s quarterly efforts, and the how each person is contributing to reach that goal. During your presentation challenge each employee to take responsibility for their part in contributing to the success of the team and the company.

Openly Share Knowledge
It has been said that your employees are your biggest asset, and that’s true.  One of the most valuable engagement activities at work that you will ever organize for your staff is a platform for you to openly share knowledge. For hard working employees looks for a way to prove themselves or as a engagement activities at work for your new staff members.

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Encourage Learning
Throughout my career, I have worked for several managers who did not encourage me to grow in knowledge and skill – believe it or not.  As an employee who was not encouraged to learn, it was quite disheartening.  Create a library of educational materials where your staff can both access and share knowledge.  Establish a way to track and access their development. Soon your will find that one of the most simple engagement activities at work that is rewarding and engaging for both the employee and the manager.

Give Back
Fostering pride and loyalty in one’s workplace provide a positive mindset at the workplace.  Talk to your staff about the causes and charities that are close to their hearts and give back.  Create a team and encourage everyone to take part in making a difference.  Provide numerous ways to help, but donating time, support, or money. This is one of those engagement activities at work that younger staff members especially will find quite valuable.

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What engagement activities at work has your company used?  What have been the results? Are there any tips you can share with our audience? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!