Business sales training tips that all managers need to know.

Some people are just natural salespeople who can quickly think on their feet and respond to questions with speed and sincerity. The very best salespeople are more than just fast talkers, they are also good listeners.  Listening to your customers allows you to understand their needs and respond to them with professionalism.  To develop your skill as a salesperson you could benefit from these business sales training tips that are sure to develop your sales force.

Recognize and reward excellence
The hardest working employees want management at your organization to recognize their hard work.  Some companies like Best Buy reward their sales team with badges that are passed out when employees learn training concepts and in numerous levels from bronze to platinum.  What’s the benefit though for leadership? Well, business is all about making money in the end isn’t it?  And those businesses that implemented the Path to Excellence program and had the highest levels of recognition outsold those with lower recognition three to one.

Share success stories
Employee attitude, according to some studies, can account for as much as 80% of customer satisfaction. Similar studies have shown a correlation between increased satisfaction and higher sales numbers.  Positively encouraging your employees can result in positive gains for both your employees and management that will increase unity, loyalty, and boost morale. Allow your employees a time and place to share their success stories with others to provide learning opportunities and an opportunity to applaud their achievements.

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business sales training

Use online resources to educate
The sales team for any business needs to know your company’s products and services better than anyone else.  Sales staff needs to understand the finer points of the products that will help them speak with confidence when they are speaking to our customers. In-depth product training in the form of online videos will help them to assist their clients when they have specific questions or face certain predicaments and find the solution that will work best for them.  Your sales team likely and meets with customers to getting them all in one place, which is where online resources can help.  Videos and training materials will help to ensure that everyone can brush up on their product knowledge easily and effectively.

Use micro-learning with keep skills sharp
Training for your sales staff might sound like the perfect opportunity to long, in-depth training.  However, it has been suggested by some business professionals that most sales people forget what they are taught in as little as 5 weeks.  So what’s the answer? Well, it might just be micro-learning.  Mico-learning taking what could be a length training session and breaks it down into smaller segments that might be more easily retained.

business sales training

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What business sales training tips have you used to motivate your team and boost sales number at your organization? Please share with our audience your thoughts. We want to hear from you!