Read our phone interview strategies before your next call with a prospective employer or job candidate.

Job hunting can be tough for both the employer and the prospective employee.  However, if you will be taking part in the interview process for a job posting, here are some effective phone interview strategies that we highly recommend.

1. Do research prior to the call.

Whether you are the business posting the job, or the candidate, take the time to do your homework before the interview. Employers, take the time to look over candidates’ resumes and formulate some questions in advance. Job prospects, do research on the company so you know who they are, what they do, and why you would want to work for them.

2. Review LinkedIn profiles.

Hiring managers looking for candidates have probably already reviewed their candidate’s LinkedIn profile by this point (but if you haven’t, you should). For the applicant, check out the LinkedIn profile of both the company with whom you are interviewing as well as the profiles of any individuals you will speak with over the phone. This will help you learn what they do and possible questions they might pose to you during your conversation.

3. Find a good, private location.

As someone who has taken part in many phone interviews on both ends of the phone line, this one is crucial. Hiring managers can just use an empty conference room or their office (if they have one). But if you are the candidate, this one might be tricky – especially if you are taking the call during your workday.  Find a quiet and unused conference room, take the call over your lunch break, or if all else fails, take the call in your car so at least it’s private and you can speak freely without background noise or interruptions.

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4. Don’t forget to smile.

Wait, this is a phone interview so why do you have to smile? Well, when we smile, the tone of our voice is naturally happier and more upbeat. Nothing tells a job candidate or a future employer that you are engaged in the conversation more than a friendly smile. And people can hear your smile on the other end of the phone, which helps everyone make a more positive impression during a phone interview.

5. Show enthusiasm but don’t overdo it.

When screening job applicants, do not act like talking to them is a chore.  Instead, show that you care by expressing genuine interest in their phone interview.  Avoid responding to other emails or taking other calls during the interview unless it is absolutely critical.  Regardless if you are the employer or the applicant, this is never a good idea unless it’s an emergency.

6. Speak clearly at all times.

This is a tip for everyone – don’t forget to enunciate your words clearly. Speak with confidence, take your time, and don’t mumble!

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What phone interview strategies have you used while looking for a new job or for a new member of your team? Our readers would love to hear from you.  Please share your thoughts and idea by commenting below.