Start improving company culture with an effective approach that will keep your team motivated.

There has been so much talk about improving company culture it has almost become a cliché.  Perhaps though we can finally stop smiling while we may be presented with ideas that might matter, could matter, if we didn’t nod our heads without taking any action. Improving company culture isn’t just about increasing a company’s bottom line, it’s about people, and it’s about their careers and their families.   So here are some ways that we can start motivating employees with ideas that can make an impact with both businesses and staff.

Start with being more transparent.
More times – unfortunately – than I care to count, I have been part of organizations in the past where the biggest decisions that have impact employees are made behind closed doors. If a company wants their employees to be loyal to them as workers, managers also need to be worthy of their team’s trust. It’s time for the leadership to step out of the shadows and make an effort to be more transparent with employees at every level of the organization.

Remember your employees aren’t robots.
The most important assets your business has are your staff.  Managers need to keep in mind that their employees are real people and they demand – and deserve – to have their needs be given a higher priority than profits.  Offer your team ample days off, flexible work schedules, the ability to work remotely, and small perks like a treat for the office or an occasional catered lunch. Your employees can be easily burned out if don’t pay attention, which can stunt your company’s growth.

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Build strong teams.
Times will change, trends will change, but the need for any business to take care of their employees is unyielding. Strong teams create strong companies – and strong companies get results.  Teamwork is more about sales results though.  At its core, it’s about people taking care of people.  Your customers expect your business to be available to them all the time, sometimes at all hours of the day.  Teams can offer support and guidance to their colleagues that in the end make everyone better.

Approach every crisis as an opportunity.
The problems within a company can be so deeply ingrained, it can sometimes be hart to see that your company’s most challenging moments are actually fostering the best opportunities for growth.  If your business is facing a crisis, either due to internal issues or external factors such as strong competition, the challenge that your face can bring everyone together.  Remember the story of the phoenix, a bird that dies only to be reborn from the ashes. Hopefully, it doesn’t take a crisis to bring your team together. But if it does, remember that every crisis bring the opportunity for growth and positivity.

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