Finding new customers takes a lot of time and money.  So it should come as no surprise that customer retention with CRM strategies is a priority for many brands.

The total expense of finding new customers is always much higher than the cost of retaining your existing customers.  As a result, keeping your current customers happy so you can retain their business is likely a priority for all companies. With digital marketing channels such as websites, email, and social media being a priority for businesses, they are turning to modern technology to help bridge the communication gap.  Enter modern technology like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.  Customer retention with CRM platforms – such as the Blitz For Sales Follow-Up System – can help you to grow and lead you to victory! But if you are looking for ways to improve how your organization is using CRMs to retain customers, we have 12 ideas you can try.

1. Schedule follow up tasks that will prompt you or another member of your team to follow up with customer. This will save you hours of time each month and Blitz has the tools that can help you do it.

2. Never forget to follow up with a client again with automated follow up tasks. This will alert the account owner of important dates, deadlines, or if there is no recent activity on the account.

3. Monitor and track expiration dates for membership or policy renewals, or other time sensitive information in your CRM.  Customer retention with CRM platforms can benefit from using built-in tools to ensure that both you and your client do not miss an important date that impact their product or service with your business

lead-managerlead-managerThe Blitz For Sales Follow-Up system empowers you with the tools you need to nurture relationships and improve sales performance! Schedule a free demo with us, and we’ll show you how we can help you automate your sales and marketing follow up to increase efficiency at your company!

Customer Retention with CRM

4. Use marketing automation to send personalized, relevant messages to your leads and customers. This will help you to nurture relationships with sales leads that are still in the funnel. Automating your marketing follow up with also help keep your current customer informed about important information or opportunities to expand their product or service with your company.

5. Incorporate dynamic content that reflects not only the client’s name, company and industry, but also their order history, personal preferences or other details will help ensure that your message resonates with them. Plus if is resonates, it is more likely to get a response. Use the personal details about them captured from your CRM and marketing automation to craft messages that are meaningful and timely.

6. Leverage the power and capabilities of CRM platforms to track demographic information about every client. This will provide you the information you understand and respond to their needs quickly.

Customer Retention with CRM

7. Connect your CRM to your accounting or ERP system. This will allow you to improve the ordering process for your customer by providing you the ability to quickly verify order history and tracking, identify cross-selling or additional sales opportunities that can increase value for your customer, and boost your sales revenue at the same time.

8. Create customer segments to determine their profitability. For starters, determine who your target customers are based on sales numbers. Then compare all your leads and customers against that profile. This will assist you in determining which accounts have the most potential for profitability.

9. Uncover your dormant customers and target them with a compelling message based on their unique criteria. If you are looking for a way to boost customer retention with CRM, this might be the best idea yet. Using your CRM, you can find those customers whose activity has slowed down.  Then based on their industry, size, ordering history and more, remind them of why they selected your company to assist them originally.  Provide value to them with what you say and how you say it. This can improve your relationship with the customer.
Customer Retention with CRM

10. Use workflow automation to track customer issues for clear visibility of all outstanding customer service items. Then follow that up with case routing and queue function to transform your service model to increase satisfaction and customer retention.

11. Keep customers updated with progress on support or service tickets with automated email notifications. This will help boost customer retention with CRM due to clear visibility on when issues and concerns are assigned, updated, or resolved.

12. Track customer behavior and social media conversations to measure sentiment towards your brand. When incorporated into your existing marketing strategy, this can help you determine when customers should be contacted, followed up with, or when there might be new sales opportunity on the horizon.

lead-managerlead-managerTo be successful in sales requires good teamwork!  But you also need the best tools to help you put our tips to improve sales performance to work and close more deals! Contact us today to schedule a free demo and we will share how Blitz’s automated sales and marketing follow up system can help your organization increase sales performance!


How have you increase customer retention with CRM? Has using a CRM helped you strengthen customer loyalty at your company and led you to success? Share your feedback and tips in the comments below!