Try these techniques to improve your sales process and increase productivity.

These days it can be tough to work in sales.  The pressure and competition has never been more challenging.  Your sales team might find it difficult to contact all of their sales leads or follow-up with them as quickly as they might need to sometimes. Perhaps your employees need to start working smarter not harder.  There are improvements that your sales team can make that can have them wasting less time and reaching more sales leads. Here are some techniques that your company can try to improve your sales process.

Improve Organization
As your team grows, if you really want to improve your sales process you will need to seek out ways to better organize your sales tools and data. That is certainly true when using your Blitz Sales software or client relationship management (CRM) platform.  Are your sales dashboards and reports organized in a way that empowers your team and management with the information they need to know? If you are not sure, provide a way for those using your systems to provide you feedback so you can improve your sales process.

Obtain Management’s Buy-In
While this might not be at the top of your list, it is essential that you review and discuss your plans on how you want to improve your sales process with management before making any changes. Prepare a presentation on why the changes are needed, an explanation of the proposed change, and a project timeline for completion. Then ask for feedback and ask for their support. That way, when you roll out those changes to your sales team you will know that management not only supports your changes, but will reinforce to your sales team why they need to listen and make the changes for the sake of the company.

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Communicate with Your Team
For any team to successful, you need to communicate opening. When changes arise do not forget to loop in your sales team promptly.  Be ready to share with them the reason for the chance and how it will benefit them in the end. Do not assume that explaining it once to your sale team is enough.  Reinforce those changes in future meetings and communications as well.

Keep Your Data Clean
This is a topic that I feel rather passionate about, so you will have to forgive me for a moment.  You might have the most creative minds coming up with the best, most compelling campaigns anyone in your industry has ever seen.  Likewise, you have some of the most stellar minds in the business working on your sales and business development teams.  However, in the end, if your customer database has outdated or inaccurate data it won’t matter.  Why?

For your sales and marketing efforts to be successful, you need to have accurate contacts for your customers and your prospects. You need accurate phone numbers, addresses, and emails.  Undoubtedly, your marketing team is thinking about how to personalize your emails based on the customer or lead’s role or title.  Maybe your advertising team wants to personalize the email with their first name to get them to open it.  If that sounds like something you would be interested in doing in a future campaign, you need to work with everyone at your organization to clean up your database. But please realize that while this is essential to the success of your business, you need to make sure you are taking the time to do this the right way, so take your time. The success of your company depends on accuracy not speed.

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What has worked to improve sales process steps at your company? Please share your comments and suggestions with our audience by commenting below!