Simple tips on how to get clients for business insurance that work.

Finding new customers in the highly competitive world of insurance can be a challenge. However, many insurance agencies are not operating in the most efficient and effective ways possible to generate more business.  Build your sales funnel with us as we uncover how to get clients for business insurance companies like yours.

Tell your customer’s success story.
If you want to learn how to get clients for business insurance, there are a lot of possibilities.  However, if you take away only one tip—this is it. Prospects become clients when they finally realize that they need your product or service.  One way to help move them down the sales funnel and to help them make that connection is to tell the story of a customer who has used that same product or service and had success with it.  Then, craft marketing messages and materials that can be leveraged by the sales team as needed.  This takes a little effort, but the payoff can be substantial.

Update your brand image.
Quick question: How long have you had your current logo?  If your logo signage is looking a little tired, even outdated, then it’s time for a tune-up. Consider updating your logo, marketing color palette and getting new photos of your staff.   It’s amazing how fast some fresh imagery can revitalize your existing marketing efforts.

Share your industry knowledge at events.
Here’s another good tip. Speaking at a local or industry function can be a highly effective way to showcase your industry knowledge. This not only increases your brand recognition in your local community but also helps to establish and nurture your professional image as a thought leader.  So if you haven’t been doing this, give it a try.

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Use social media as much as you can.
These days, it’s important to never forget about the importance of using social media to promote yourself and your business. Research the best social media outlets for business insurance news and information.  Then, share that news update with your own comment on the topic being discussed.  This will promote you as a thought leader who can be a trusted resource and business partner.

Learn from your competitors.
This is one tip that always works: do some homework and find out what your competitors are doing.  What products or services are they promoting?  Where are they advertising?  Then take that information and make it better by adding more value.  Try not to imitate. Instead, think of creative ways to innovate their tactics. Do what they do, but do it better and in a different way.

Get involved in your community.
Getting more clients is all about increasing your exposure.  One good way to do that is to sponsor local events or fundraisers. This can be a great way to get your name out there in a memorable fashion.

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What has your company done to get clients for business insurance?  Please share your thoughts and idea by commenting below.