Invigorate your learning strategies with sales meeting games that are fun, instructive, and engaging

Are you searching for better ways to educate and engage your sales team? Have your presentations and in-depth case studies worn out their usefulness? It’s time to start thinking outside the box and incorporate new methods of learning.

The perfect way to capture the attention of your team is to implement creative sales meeting games. These games should be fun, instructive, and quick and easy to play. Since your team will be interacting and playing off each other, it’s more likely their relationships will grow from the experience.

We’ve put together a list of sales meeting games you can incorporate today. Each game has a main objective and can be altered and changed as you see fit.

4 sales meeting games to get the creative juices flowing

1. The timed pitch

Main objective: Identify all the different ways your staff describes the company and its products.

Break into groups of three or more. Give each group five minutes to develop a 40-second sales pitch about the company and its products or services. The pitch should effectively answer three questions: who we are, what we do, and why our products or services are valuable.

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Ask for a volunteer to present each pitch in an “elevator” scenario with another person acting as the prospect. You will likely find that every group’s pitch is quite different. Discuss which elements are effective and create a “master pitch” that everyone can use.

To make the game more exciting, you can add rounds to develop faster pitches. But remember: every pitch must answer the three questions!

  • Five minutes to create a 40-second pitch
  • Two and a half minutes to create a 20-second pitch
  • One minute to create a 10-second pitch

2. What’s in my box? 

Main objective: Practice how to obtain information by asking close-ended and open-ended questions.

Pair into groups of two. Give each person a box with a random item inside of it. In the first round, each participant is allowed 10 close ended questions to figure out what is inside their partner’s box.

In the second round, if the participant was not able to guess the item, he can ask three open ended questions. These sales meeting games will show how much easier it is to obtain information by asking open ended questions.

3. Conquering objections

Main objective: Identify common objections and use team building strategies to practice effective responses.

On index cards, describe several different situations your salespeople might run into objections. Pass the cards around to each person and ask them to write down an effective response.

Once the cards are filled, have volunteers act out the scene. One person will be the customer, the other as the salesperson. Test the responses for each situation and discuss which ones are effective and why.

4. What do you know about Jack?

Main objective: Demonstrate the necessity (and easy accessibility) of public information to prepare for a sales call.

Create fictional profiles of companies or individuals your sales team would likely canvass. Break into groups of three or more and brainstorm all the different avenues for obtaining information on the prospects.

Utilize different situations and circumstances to make the research more difficult. For instance, describe one prospect as not having any online social media profiles. How can your team find information about that person online and offline?

Keep your sales meeting games quick and easy

Dedicate 15 to 25 minutes for the sales meeting games to get everyone in a good mood and ready to pay attention in a staff meeting. If you have important topics to cover, starting out with a game will break the ice and improve participation for the meeting ahead. Just don’t forget to pause the fun and cover any pressing information for the rest of the sales meeting!

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Do you have any sales meeting games that work for your team? Share your story in the comments section and tell us how it works!