Five examples of close ended questions for sales reps who are looking to get a yes or no answer.

If open ended sales questions are a way to get to know your customers in a general sense, then with close ended questions for sales you’ll get right to the point. Asking close ended questions will give you clear answers. Do they want to purchase your product? Are they shopping around with your competitors for the same service? The answers are simple and direct.

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An overview of close ended questions for sales reps

In the simplest of terms, close ended questions for sales provide reps with clear-cut facts. Primarily speaking, the questions begin with phrases such as “Are there any…” or “Will you be…” By starting your questions with verbs, you are positioning your customers to provide you with a direct answer. Unlike inquiries that are open ended, reps won’t need to read between the lines for close ended questions for sales.

While they mostly have “yes” or “no” answers, other close ended questions can provide your customers with a couple of options. Think about the kind of decisions they’ll need to make for you to secure a sale. For example, if your customer has to choose between two different deals you are offering them, ask: “Would you like package A or B?” This type of question invites specific answers as you are preparing to seal the deal.

Asking direct questions will give you clear and factual responses. You don’t have to play guessing games with your clients, and you can work around their needs. When you ask close ended questions for sales deals, you can piece each answer together. With the answers you are given, not only will you thoroughly plan out a great strategy to close the deal, but you can make sure the client is happy with the end results. Close ended questions for a sales rep is an excellent tool to use if you want your transaction to be a success–a “win-win” for all parties.

Examples of close-ended questions for sales

As mentioned before, close ended questions for sales are not limited to “yes” or “no” answers. Kindly and carefully phrase questions in a way that’ll elicit a specific response. It’s all in the wording and approach!

Take a look at our examples below and see if they’re applicable when you’re in the middle of completing a transaction with your customer. The idea is to obtain quick, easy responses.


1. Do you like this (new/different) feature that our product provides?

Selling a popular product with a new, unique feature has its pros and cons. While it bodes well for many customers, it’s a deal breaker for others who prefer simplicity and familiarity. Find out directly from your customer if they are on board with this product to move forward with your sales deal. You don’t want to sell them something if they aren’t totally comfortable with the purchase.


2. Were you satisfied with your last vendor?

There are some instances where receiving “no” as an answer is positive. If your customer answers “no,” you’ll automatically see an opening for a lead client. They’re in the market and are shopping around for a business that offers better services. Now that their past vendor is out of the picture, you’ll have more room to swoop in and grab another new client.


3. Does this make sense?

Always double check that your clients are up to speed on what your deal includes. You want them to keep up with you so that there are no regrets from either party after the deal is closed. In the kindest possible way, ask and make sure that they understand what they are getting themselves into before finalizing a deal.


4. Can you come in again on Monday or Tuesday?

Here is an example of a close ended question for a sales rep that does not need a “yes” or “no” answer. Give them a set number of options so that you know what to expect. In this case, if a client needs room to think about the purchase, give them a limited amount of time to meet with you again. You’re giving them just enough options to answer the question.


5. Are you ready to move forward (with this transaction)?

Asking to move forward is the best way to bookend a sales deal. Be upfront with them so that they know you’re serious, and you know that they’re serious about doing business with you. If asked correctly and courteously, this question will put the right amount of pressure on your customer. They’ll want to close a sales deal with you and feel good about it.

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What close ended questions for sales do you use to generate more transactions? Tell us below in the comments section!