Optimize your advertising to capture more prospects for sales follow up.

Marketing is an inevitable part of the sales process. Each week, we spend hours of time and significant resources writing content and carefully crafting – what we hope is – effective marketing campaigns. To ensure that our marketing efforts are effective, it is important that they also properly capture the right leads for our business. These lead generation marketing tips can help.

Once a lead is identified it’s important to find creative ways to convert them into paying long-term customers. How can this be done you may ask?  Lucky for you, we have 5 ways to energize your lead generation efforts for your next big marketing campaign.

We know that a steady stream of leads is an essential component of keeping a business afloat – but coming up with original and effective ways to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done. Take a look at our lead generation marketing ideas for some great ideas for your next campaign.

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lead generation marketing

1. Think simple
When gathering data for lead generation, it is always a fine balance between capturing the information you need but without asking too many questions.  Marketing campaigns that require less information (ie. name and email instead of 20 mandatory fields) in an online form are rarely success. Keep it short and concise.

2. Make sure your CTA stands out
When working on any marketing piece – especially emails and websites – it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. If you want to generate more leads for sales follow up, take a quick step back. Does your call to action stand out?  If not, fix it to give your marketing campaign the best chance of finding you more qualified prospects.

3. Use more product videos
It is estimated that around 65% of people learn visually. If that is how we learn, then it should also be how we explain our products. Product videos –when done right – can generate leads that could fill your sales funnel. However, they do not need to be complex if you are starting out. Start simple and work your way into something more complex.

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lead generation marketing

4. Blog well and often
Blogging might be an old way of generating leads, but it can still be quite effective. If you haven’t started blogging yet for your company, start by creating a six month content calendar. Select the topics that are useful to your readers and then write and release your blog posts. Don’t forget that these days integrated marketing is important. So be sure to include the link in your next prospect email campaign, on all your social media network pages, and on your website. This approach can be quite effective in your next lead generation marketing campaign.

5. Carefully craft evergreen content
People love to learn – especially if there is something in it for them. Evergreen content can either remain pertinent, regardless of the passage of time and the changes in popular culture, or can be content that becomes less relevant and less important over time.

lead generation marketing

Evergreen content can generate leads by providing them the information they can use most. How To Guides are always effective, as long as the topic and content is highly relevant to your target audience.

Have you tried a lead generation approach that we haven’t included in our list?  Share it in the comments below!