As with anything you do, it’s important to have a plan.  When you are starting to use Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software, you need to have a plan and set up a process on how things are to progress from one day to the next.  This plan may change from week to week or month to month, but the basics should never change.   So, what are the basics?  What should the Blitz user be doing day-to-day?  What should the manager instruct his employees to do?

Blitz Basics:

1.) Check your schedule for appointments, follow-ups and other tasks.  Blitz has a schedule on the menu.  Each day you sign in, this is the first thing you should be checking.  This has the list of appointments, follow-ups and tasks that you need to accomplish that day.  These follow-ups are typically something that you or another person on your team has put on your schedule.  Blitz does allow you to make your schedule the default start-up page.  This is found on the “My Profile” screen on the Blitz menu.  What this means is that each time you sign into the system, you can be directed to the schedule page.  Note:  If you are using the Professional or Enterprise Edition, you will see your scheduled follow-ups on your “My Blitz” page.

2.) Neglected Leads. Neglected leads are those follow-ups that you have missed.  The neglected leads list can be found on the menu under Leads –> Neglected Leads and can also be found on the “My Blitz” page which is found on the menu. This could be a follow-up from a day ago, week ago, month ago or however long.  You will want to work your neglected leads so they are cleared.  As you work your neglected leads, you will be updating the lead (which drops it off the neglected leads list) and scheduling a follow-up if that applies.

3.) Check Next Appointment Dates. When you are looking at your leads on the Lead List, you will notice a “Next Appointment Date”.  All your leads should have a next appointment date on them unless the lead is invalid (Do Not Call number, no phone number, etc).   Even the leads that are “Not Interested” should more than likely have a follow up on them as you may be able to target them 6 months from now or sometime in the future.

4.) Targeting Leads/Lead Lists.  Once you have started to work your schedule and have cleared your neglected leads, you then should have a plan for working new leads and prospects.  This could vary depending on what leads you are targeting and it may be different for each person on your team.  For example, you may have a person or persons that are working internet leads as they come into the system.  If this is the case, this person would be monitoring a campaign or campaigns for new internet leads.  They may also be getting email notifications from Blitz or a lead provider when these come into the system.

Another way of possibly targeting leads is working a campaign of new leads.  For example, you may have a campaign setup that has friends and family.  You could work all “new” leads in that campaign and schedule the follow-ups as you go. You could get even more specific on targeting leads by searching and filtering the lead list.  Maybe you want to filter down a list based on zip code or a custom field such as birth date or expiration.  This will allow you to prospect a specific set of leads and then start the lead tracking process.

In summary, you will want to make sure that you are hitting the Blitz basics which include working your schedule, neglected leads and then a specific list or campaign that you are targeting.