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It’s no secret that implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software at any business is a substantial investment of time and resources.  With your CRM solutions software coming at such a heavy price, it is essential that you build, implement, and maintain your software to encourage understanding and usage by your staff. Make your CRM software better than ever with these 7 ways to improve and get back on track. Create your software based on feedback from your end-users. One of biggest mistakes that some companies make when implementing and updating their CRM solutions software is building based on the opinions of only one group of people.  What might make sense to your account representatives might not make sense to support staff or executives.  Take the time to meet with each of them separately and find out what each of them need. Train (and keep training) your staff on how to use your CRM.  Work with your internal staff to create training materials to teach your employees how to use the system one piece at a time.  Provide incentives or make it required learning to encourage employees to complete it.  In the end, training your staff not just once but on an ongoing basis is essential for success. Maintain your customer database.  Make updating customer data part of your business process.  By making it part of your daily practices, you will always have the most up-to-date and relevant customer and account-level information when working a deal. Track your customers’ behavior at all stages of the sales cycle. Through the implementation of CRM solutions software, you can track how your customers interact with the information you share with them.  This will assist you in both preparing for meetings as well as identifying their needs and interests and how your organization can best assist them.

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crm solutions software Don’t be afraid to keep improving.  As time goes by, don’t be afraid to allow your employees to have their voices be heard. By listening to your employees about what they like, and don’t like about your system you can make improvements and enhancements that are necessary to improve efficiency. But if you ask for feedback, just keep in mind that you will be expected to act on it and be transparent about what will and won’t be updated and why. Use social media.  Whenever possible, integrate your CRM into social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. This will allow you to determine their social media accounts based on their email address.  Having that information can assist your sales team in tracking their social media activity and interests. Utilize your CRM software for more than just sales.  While the true purpose of a CRM is help with sales, that doesn’t mean that the customer information gathered can’t assist other members of your organization.  Don’t forget to open up usage of the CRM to more than just your sales team.

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