Need a leader to make your sales development dreams come alive? Say no more—we can help you define that role!

You have a pretty solid sales team. They work together well. There’s a friendly competition for monthly goals and sales incentives. All in all, they get the job done. They bring in the money. A sales development strategy hasn’t taken shape yet, but sales are higher than last year!

Wow. Good for you. That’s great to hear that your wholesome, friendly sales team is doing well.

But what happens next year when a circumstance changes the way you do business? What happens when a competitor comes into your marketplace and starts winning all of your current customers (who you mistakenly thought were so loyal to you)? What if your competitor offers opportunities for higher salaries?

Uh oh.

Companies need sales development leaders for two main reasons: growth and survival. They know how to handle stressful situations, inspire unity during trouble, and change the course when necessary. They’re also the people who keep you ahead of the competition and push your revenue possibilities to greater lengths.

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4 reasons why you need to hire a sales development leader this year:

1. Markets change constantly

Your sales team might be doing great right now, but there is no guarantee it will continue that way forever.

2. Sales development is a long-run process

If you want to hire more people and train them effectively, you need a professional to manage progress.

3. Teams unify around a pillar of strength

Your sales leader doesn’t need to be the greatest salesperson in the company, but she needs to unlock the potential for greatness in others.

4. Leaders take the reigns when disaster strikes

There is always a possibility that your business may be affected by unforeseen circumstances. That’s why you hire people to handle these situations and adapt new sales strategies.

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sales development

How leaders improve sales and morale for your sales team

1. Monitoring progress and breaking down raw data

Sales development is an entirely different game today when it comes to results acquisition. CRM technology allows team leaders to organize data and monitor sales performance without the “micro-management” fall out.

Having one person (or a small team) dedicated to analyzing raw data makes decision-making more precise and efficient.

2. Refining strategies to improve performance

How do you know the full potential of your sales team without trying something new to challenge them? Even a high-performing sales department will start to dip when the job becomes monotonous and boring. New sales development strategies keep the lifeblood flowing in your teams and could expand performances to higher levels.

3. Focus on team-building exercises

A sales team without a leader is like a sports team without a coach. Does the coach know how to throw the ball seventy-five yards for a touchdown? No. But he does know how to get all the pieces moving together in unity. He knows the game. He knows how to push the players to victory.

The “team” aspect of sales development is crucial. And teams stick together when they have someone to coach them.

Your leader fills the role of strengthening the bridges between all of your players. He knows how to pinpoint the abilities and talents of everyone on the team and use them to the greatest benefit.

Should you hire within or outside the company?

It may be smarter to hire from inside the company since those salespeople know your customer base and the essentials of the position already. On the other hand, it’s also wise to bring fresh perspectives to the table. An outsider may have a clearer picture of what needs to change.

From a sales development point of view, the end goal is the same: find people who will lead your salespeople and grow your company. Here are two ways to get it done:

1. Build a hierarchy within your sales team

Focus on graduating talented leaders into managerial roles, with a clear path and set of objectives. Graduation is always a nice way to compliment your team members and further grow and train your team.

2. Hire professional help to come in and evaluate your progress

You can ask your sales development leaders to work with these consultants and strategize new ideas.

lead-managerlead-managerEnhance your sales performance through CRM automation.  Schedule a free demo of our sales follow-up software to help you maximize your success!

What qualities do you look for in a sales development leader? Share your thoughts in the comments!