Newsletter – May 2013

Welcome to Blitz Lead Manager’s May 2013 Newsletter!  We are excited to introduce our partner of the month, Bankrate Insurance. Our integration with Bankrate Insurance allows consumers to have high quality leads delivered from NetQuote, Agent Insider, and InsureMe directly into Blitz Lead Manager sales prospecting software. Agents are able to assign, search, and follow up on all leads right from Blitz Lead Manager. Below you will find several new enhancements to Blitz software, and the tips and tricks you need to help you make the most out of your account. As always, Blitz provides free training and support, so feel free to call us with any questions!

Partner of the Month:


The Bankrate Insurance division of Bankrate allows consumers to comparison shop for the best insurance rates available – delivering on the Bankrate mission to equip consumers to make informed financial choices. By working with agents at all the top insurance companies, their websites- NetQuote.com, Insweb.com , and InsureMe.com- take the stress out of insurance shopping by enabling consumers to comparison shop for the best rates.

NetQuote is proud to be the most established company in the online insurance lead market. Since 1989 they have helped tens of thousands of insurance agents grow their insurance businesses with high quality insurance leads.

The AgentInsider® Lead Program is designed with the local agent mind, giving agents control over the territory they want to target and their daily volume of leads. They help agents grow their business by providing them with high-quality, real-time insurance leads, and they help agents market themselves online through Agent Directory, an online directory of auto insurance agents.

What began in 1993 as a couple of dedicated guys faxing leads from a Castle Rock, Colorado, apartment has grown into one of the largest lead-generation companies in the country. Fax machines gave way to the Internet and InsureMe became an indispensable resource for thousands of agents nationwide.

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News & Announcements:

Opportunities Enhancements

We have enhanced our opportunities section. Users can now sort opportunities by date range with a simple dropdown option.  Also, the opportunity list now automatically displays the sum of the “Quantity” column, allowing users to easily track the number of units sold, pending, lost and won.

Call Script Enhancement

We have also added an enhancement to our call script. Lead substitutions can now be added to the campaign call script to populate specific lead information in the script.

Lead Log Enhancement

For your convenience, a close button has been added to the detail box in the Lead Log.

Schedule Enhancement

To make life simpler, we’ve changed the Showing Appointments line within the Lead Log from a date range to a clearer format.

Click for more information on sorting opportunities by date range

Click for more information about what’s displayed in the opportunity list and our call script enhancement

Click for more information on our lead log enhancement and the new format for schedules

Did you know…

Blitz allows users to tag and move up to 50 leads simultaneously with our new multi-action feature?

Blitz Lead Management Software has added a new multi-action feature, allowing users to tag and move up to 50 leads simultaneously.  This powerful new feature makes it simple to reorganize, update, assign, and recycle a mass number of leads.

Learn how to use the multi-action feature

There’s a new report that’s been added to monitor tagging activity?

The report shows when a tag was added to a lead and by which user, as well as the lead’s name, campaign, and source.  Admins can choose a date range to easily track activity, and the list can be filtered to further customize the data on the report.

How can I set up and view this report?

How Blitz makes providing great customer service simple?

Blitz lead management software makes it easy for businesses to give this excellent customer service by providing them with a highly organized sales lead tracking spreadsheet and a unique lead pop component. This lead management solution ensures that companies can easily stay on top of their sales lead tracking while improving their customer service reputation.

Tips to using Blitz to improve your business’ customer service

Users can reassign leads to a different user using workflow?

With Blitz’s Workflow add-on you can automatically send emails, schedule follow-up appointments, automatically increment contract dates that have passed, and more. When you add Workflow, a series of actions can be set up to occur automatically and can be customized to your needs.

Where can I learn more about this feature of workflow?

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