lead management

Never get your hands dirty again, use Blitz to search for lead information and improve your company’s customer service


Blitz web based software makes providing great customer service simple with its unique lead pop feature


Here’s the problem that has CEOs waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: They’re losing clients. The scariest part is that it’s not because the company’s product is bad, their marketing team is failing them, or the industry is in a poor condition, but for the reason that their customer service is lacking.  While a company’s employees may provide great customer service over the phone, a delay in the conversation due to a misplaced file or a lack of communication amongst employees can be devastating to a business’ customer service reputation.

Given the right attention and instruction, every lead prospect that a company receives has the potential to become a loyal customer. The best way to gain customer loyalty is to give excellent customer service.

Blitz Sales Follow-Up software makes it easy for businesses to give this excellent customer service by providing them with a highly organized sales lead tracking spreadsheet and a unique lead pop component. This lead management solution ensures that companies can easily stay on top of their sales lead tracking while improving their customer service reputation.

When you pull up a lead’s information within Blitz, his or her information is ordered like a virtual filing system. From the lead log page, the Blitz user can access:


  1. Details about the lead- see the lead’s most important information such as name, phone number, and address.
  2. The lead’s history- view whether the lead is an attempted contact or a follow-up, read notes taken by other Blitz users at your company, and check whether there are any questions to be asked of this particular lead
  3. Any files and documents that have been uploaded for the lead
  4. Directions from the business’ location to the lead’s address
  5. An email template to send a thank-you or support email
  6. A schedule for setting up a follow-up


The best part is that Blitz will search for your leads for you, so you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. Lead pop, a VoIP technology, conveniently reads incoming calls and automatically opens the corresponding lead log. With the lead pop feature in Blitz, you can be sure you’ll never find yourself scrambling for potential customer’s notes—essentially eliminating any confusion or delays within the call.

The Blitz system can improve your business’s customer service by increasing productivity and decreasing call times. The organized lead logs give you the information you need while the lead pop function makes sure you have it, right when you need it.