Tagging report

A new report has been added to Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software to monitor tagging activity.  The report shows when a tag was added to a lead and by which user, as well as the lead’s name, campaign, and source.  Admins can choose a date range to easily track activity, and the list can be filtered to further customize the data on the report.  To view this report, go to Administration > Reporting and click “Tagging.”

Call script enhancement

Lead Substitutions can now be added to the campaign call script to populate specific lead information to the script.  Common examples include the lead’s name, the assigned user’s name, and the lead’s address, phone number, etc. to verify their information during the call.  To add lead substitutions to a call script, go to Administration > Manage Campaigns and click the campaign settings icon to the right of the campaign.  Select the data you would like to substitute in the “Lead Substitutions” dropdown box (screen shot 1).  To view the call script, click the “Call Script” check box within a lead log (screen shot 2).


Opportunity list enhancement

The opportunity list now automatically displays the sum of the “Quantity” column, allowing users to easily track the number of units sold, pending, lost, etc.  This number will change accordingly as the list is grouped and filtered.  The report can be exported by clicking the Excel icon in the dark blue bar at the top of the list.  Users can choose which columns are exported by clicking “Column Options.”