The best brochure design has the ability to sell, so make sure it’s done right.

Brochures about your company’s services, products, or mission are critical tools for sales professionals. These valuable leave-behind marketing prints can make or break your selling opportunity, so they must be memorable, impactful, informative and relevant. To ensure you have the best brochure design, consider the following tips to close the deal.

The 7 best brochure design tips to get a response from leads

To keep your brochure from being discarded and forgotten, make sure it’s designed with the following considerations:

1. The best brochures are designed with RELEVANCE in mind

The best brochure design highlights relevant and motivating information. Does your product or service solve a problem? Is that solution up-front in your design?

Your brochure headline is the most obvious spot for this critical messaging. Another option is to use a bold graphic that instantly showcases your solution visually. If your relevant messaging is longer than a short headline, make sure that information is highlighted in an impactful manner and bulleted if possible for easier digestion and recognition.


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2. The best brochure designs are BRANDED from top to bottom

The best brochure design reflects your branding, not just through colors or style, but in every way. If your brand is fun and youthful, your brochure should reflect that. If your brand is professional, and you are a trusted resource for something, be informational and establish your authority in that field or on that subject. If your brand is about healing, caring, or is humanitarian in nature, then the best brochure design is one that conveys an emotional response, uses moving imagery and is not promotional in any way.

3. The best brochures use IMPACT as a design element

Here’s the biggest difference between a direct mail piece and a sales brochure: the direct mail piece has to hit you with a reason to open it, and a sales piece needs to give you a reason to remember it. Leave an impression after the fact through arresting imagery or messaging, through relevance (see tip#1), or with solution-oriented content that leaves the audience feeling that you have the answers to their needs or concerns.

Because, you do know how to solve their problems. You just need them to know it, too.

4. The best brochure design is always ORGANIZED

A sales brochure needs to be useful both as a tool during a pitch and as a leave-behind. Therefore, clean and deliberate organization of art and messaging is crucial to ensure your audience can:

  • Easily navigate the content
  • Quickly find key points
  • Remember your brand and products/services
  • Contact you for more information (or to purchase!)

If you use too many graphics or design elements, too many type treatments, or if your design lacks a grid or lacks proper organization, your sales brochure will be hard to navigate and busy. Ensure your design elements serve a purpose and deliver both structure and aesthetics.

5. The best brochures use the right COLORS in their design

There is more to color than brand recognition. Different colors convey different emotions. Use color wisely and intentionally to complement your brand or to stand out. Color theory is vast and varied, but for the most part there are some tried-and-true responses to color use.

  • Red is a powerful color and can convey warning as well as discount, so is orange (clearance and danger).
  • Ocean colors, blue and turquoise, are calming as are pastels.
  • Blue is also an intellectual color and conveys trust.
  • Browns and earth tones are warm and nature-friendly.
  • Dark greens convey wealth and masculinity. Lighter greens represent balance and harmony.
  • Purples are spiritual and passionate, sometimes associated with luxury.

Make sure you think carefully about the colors you use and what they convey.

6. The best brochure designs are careful about TYPOGRAPHY

It is important to understand typographic hierarchy when placing text for the best brochure design. Typographic hierarchy provides the order of importance to your messaging and guides the reader through the text in a deliberate manner. This helps your audience to best digest information by being driven to key points first through design and typesetting.

You can lead the reader through your text easily using type size, weight, color, contrast, and position. People read larger fonts and heavier fonts first.

Contrast the heavier and bold fonts with lighter and smaller fonts for supporting data and text. People tend to read color first and text that is isolated with quotes or other treatments before they read full paragraphs.

And of course, most people read top to bottom and left to right. Establish a hierarchy to your content by leveraging how people read and typesetting your text accordingly.

7. The best brochure design keeps SHAPE and SIZE in mind

The brochure design considers what is a convenient shape for the reader. Oversized brochures are cumbersome and are easily discarded. Smaller brochures are more likely to be kept for longer periods as they take up less space.

If you have a lot of information, a booklet-style brochure is handy. Or, if you have several brochures, design a folder to house them and consider designing them in a cascading manner so their headers/topics can be seen— or tab them!

The best brochure designs are ones that take all these points into consideration

A well-designed sales brochure does more than just look good, it sells, it informs, and it makes an impression. Consider all the factors above when having your sales brochure designed.

Your new sales brochures will be so well designed new leads will be knocking down your door. How will you manage all these new prospects? Schedule a free demo of our lead management software and turn prospects into customers in no time!

What’s the best brochure design you’ve ever seen? How do sales brochures help you in the field when you meet with customers? Let us know in the comments!