Finding the right customers is an important part of any business. Our proven mortgage lead generation tips can help.

Lead generation is an important part of the sales process these days for all industries. But for those in the financial or mortgage field, lead generation is of particular importance. If you are a mortgage broker, branch manager, or loan originator, ensuring that you are using the right mix of marketing strategies and channels for your mortgage lead generation efforts is important. So if you are in the financial or mortgage field and are in need of some mortgage lead generation tips that are simple and sure to be successful, then you’re in luck.

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Mortgage Lead Generation

1. Turn local events into networking opportunities. All cities and towns have local fundraisers, public meetings, and local bulletin boards. Attend all most visible and popular local events.  Hand out or post your business card and have marketing materials available to both identify and capture their prospect name and information for future reference.

2. Sign up for tradeshows and local events. While tradeshows are always a great way to get the name of your mortgage firm out there, another way is to seek out – and sign up – for local events where your knowledge would be helpful for those attending. Events for home buyers and mortgage refinancers are always a good idea. This will help you to reach a lot of people at once, and can be quite effective.

3. Use print advertising like yard signs, flyers, and brochures. It important to remember that print-based advertising still has its place in your company’s marketing mix. Remember to promote your mortgage company in yard signs that your clientele are likely to see, and in brochure or flyers that are shared with a marketing partner in your community.

4. Find and nurture partnerships with attorneys. If you are in the mortgage field, then this is something you will want to be sure to try. Connect with attorneys in the area for real estate, family law, and divorce. Ask them to direct prospects your way. This can be a great way for solid leads to be introduced to your business.

5. Cross-sell your services with real estate appraisers in your area. As a mortgage broker, branch manager, or loan originator, finding cross-selling opportunities with appraisers in your community has potential to be quite effective. Find a few that you trust and build up exclusive  rights for mutual promotion of each other’s services to your clients.

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Mortgage Lead Generation

6. Use social media to promote your business. It has been estimated by some that social media has enormous power to generate leads for B2C businesses. Be sure to leverage the top social media networks for your desired age demographic, though Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all solid choices if you are just getting started or just increase your brand awareness on social media.

7. Tap into email marketing to generate new and continued interest in your business. For your current customers, email marketing has the power to allow you to focus your communications on those products, services, or newsworthy items that would be of most interest to your audience segments. Email marketing also has the unique ability to assist you in driving awareness for what content marketing pieces you have available for your customers to view or download.  This helps drive traffic to your website and social media content in a lasting and meaningful way to nurtures relationships with both customers and prospects.

8. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations from your personal network. Those that know you the best are often your greatest asset. The thing is though, your personal network does not know that you would like for them to recommend you by name unless you ask. Remind your friends and relatives – especially those that are potentially well connected in the community to promote your company.

9. Establish your own connections in the community. If your business is B2C, then you need to get your name and face in front of people can could potentially become your customers. Find and join local civics groups like the Chamber of Commerce or a rotary club. This will help you to build long-lasting relationships with key member of the community and build a group of professionals to promote both yourself and the name of your organization.

Mortgage Lead Generation

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What tips and tricks have worked best for your company for mortgage lead generation?  Do you have any suggestions for those working in the mortgage field that you can share? Please your feedback in the comments below!